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Please note: Generally, light rail and heavy rail stations will not show up here.

Here is the first index page of a comprehensive French railroad station website:
Thanks to Paul Y for the heads-up!

I have started adding postcards to this section, along with other infrastructure type things like towers, bridges and tunnels, and any other "stuff" I think might be relevant, interesting, or cool.  While a lot of postcards, especially from the mid 1900's and earlier, are not photographically accurate, they nonetheless portray a part of American history and hence their inclusion.  At one time, many corner drug stores had their own postcards printed to show off were they were and what the owners thought were significant "things" to show off to the rest of the world (providing they were sent out :-).  In many instances, they may be the only pictures around of some stations. 

Sources for these images comes from places like EBay, Google Images, Bing Images, Google's Books, some university's digital libraries, the Library of Congress, and other miscellaneous sources such as web pages.  If the photographer and/or source is known, he/she/it will be noted.

A note about the usage of STATION vs DEPOT (sent to me by Chuck S.): My understanding is that a station is a physical location, while a depot is a building. Station apparently is a technical term applicable to timetables, such as a passing siding with nothing but a sign. It is a legal place in terms of employees obligations to comply with a timetable. But it doesn't need to have a depot in order to still be considered a station.

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