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Maps are the basic building blocks for my railfan guides.  They offer the railfan a perspective which is lacking in other forms of railfan guides, not to say that there aren't some good non-map oriented guides out there.  But a map which is annotated with the things that interest railfans helps you plan your trip.  You can see for yourself if a particular item is something you want to spend your time chasing after.  Some railfans may like the old buildings, some not.  Some guys like to visit the yards, others do not.  Some just want to know where the busiest place is so they can maximize their photo time.  So I present to ya'll everything I know of that might interest any and all of you.  I also know that a lot of railfans are into the fire and police scene, so I try to include those points of interest on my maps (and any other "neat" things).

Since starting the Baltimore Guide, I have expanded the scope and selection by covering DC, and also have a Central Maryland section.

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Baltimore Highway and Road Guide

Hotel Guide

Towns around Baltimore with Railroad related things to see

Rail Lines, Yards and Stations

Light Rail and Metro System Map

the Little Italy and Greektown dining areas


the Greenspring Branch-- History and what's left of the branch 

MAP 1 ............ Northern Suburbs of Baltimore -- Towson, utherville, Timonium, and the Cockeysville areas
MAP 2 ............ NW Suburbs of Baltimore -- Glyndon, Reisterstown, Owings Mills, Pikesville, the Metro, and the old WM
MAP 3 ............ NE Suburbs of Baltimore -- Rt 40/Pulaski Highway, Middle River, Golden Ring, and Whitemarsh
MAP 4 ............ Northern Baltimore City -- from North Ave and north
MAP 5N ......... Central Baltimore City -- from North Ave down to Baltimore St
MAP 5S ......... Central Baltimore City
MAP 6 ............ West Suburbs of Baltimore -- Catonsville, Ellicott City, Elkridge, and Thomas Viaduct
MAP 7 ............ Southwest Baltimore -- Carroll Viaduct, Mt Winan's Yard, and a full CPL
MAP 8 ............ South Baltimore -- mostly the CSX yards
MAP 9 ............ SE Suburbs of Baltimore -- mostly the Sparrows Point area
MAP 10 .......... East Baltimore 1 -- Highlandtown, Canton, and the docks
MAP 11 .......... East Baltimore 2 -- the CSX & NS Bayview Yards area
MAP 12 .......... South Downtown Baltimore -- CSX's Bailey Wye area and the B&O Transportation Museum
MAP 13 .......... CSX Mt Winans Yard and Zepp's Bridge (detail map for MAP 7)
MAP 14 .......... SE Downtown Baltimore -- Riverside and Locust Point (workin on it)
MAP 15 .......... NW Baltimore - Following the WM and Metro out of town
MAP 16 .......... SW Suburbs of Baltimore -- the Glen Burnie, Ferndale and BWI areas
MAP 17 .......... West of Baltimore -- Following the Old Main Line - Ellicott City to Sykesville

Also, starting in 2016, I broke out individual areas of each map into their own page, for instance, MAP 1 covers Towson, Ruxton, Riderwood, Lutherville, Timonium, Texas, Cockeysville, Hunt Valley, and Monkton.  Most of these have their own pages now.

In case you're wondering how I came to number the maps... there's no system to it, it was pretty much when I did the maps, starting with the Towson to Cockeysville area I live in.  I generally went from north to south, wound up numbering one of them 16 for some unknown reason, then a few years later, came back and added maps 14 and 15, realizing that the areas covered by them wasn't covered by any of the other maps.


In an effort to keep overhead simple for me, I have decided to direct you to the appropriate pages for specific sections instead of trying to keep 3 or 4 pages updated with the same info....
So please see my master map guide for Maryland at: https://railfanguides.us/#MARYLAND


Please check out the Washington DC index page at: https://railfanguides.us/dc/index.htm

New in 2005
last modified on: 08/21/2016