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This is not a page for the hardcore foamer, but what the heck, I like busses.

Pictures and additional information is always needed if anyone feels inclined to take 'em, send 'em, and share 'em, or if you have something to add or correct.... credit is always given! Contact info is here

The MTA Collection

The MTA has been operating the Baltimore bus system since the early seventies when it took over operation of the BTC. MTA bus numbers are simple four digit numbers, with the first two indicating the year the bus was purchased (except for the 35 and 70 series). There are four bus yards: Washington Blvd (the main shops), Kirk, Eastern, and Northwest. In addition to the standard 30 and 40ft busses, the MTA also has several area Shuttle buses such as the one that runs around in Hampden (called the Shuttle Bug), handicap busses, and some newer commuter busses for lines such as the 410, 411, and 425.

The standard MTA 40ft bus.

A 30ft MTA bus.

  An articulated bus at the Lutherville light rail station.

  At Lutherville.

More pics, mostly a
t Lutherville.  The "wave" is the latest "paint" scheme on MTA busses, and started in 2010.


A "new" MTA commuter bus!

The Hampden Shuttle Bug.

A new bus bought in 2011, with really bright headlights and bright white destination signs!  Caught downtown on Baltimore St.

Bus #5013 caught in the act on Baltimore St downtown near Charles St.

A mobility bus, operated by Veolia under contract with the MTA (that what the "V" on the end of the number denotes).  These busses give handicapped people door-to-door service with a days notice.

Other Transit Companies

Here are a few of the other area transit systems and companies

Hartford Co MD

Charm City Circulator


A "new" addition to the Baltimore landscape are the Charm City Circulator busses.  They are not operated by the MTA, and offer free rides in the downtown area on three different routes, Purple, Orange, and Green.

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins University & Hospital Shuttle, the two right thumbnails were taken from the second floor of the Kennedy-Krieger Institute.

A convenience bus provided by Southern Management properties.

Ride On - Montgomery Co MD (suburban Washington DC)

Ride-On services augments that of the DC MetroBus system.  These four pictures were taken at the Rockville MARC/Metro station (on a rainy day -- sorry -- especially for the last shot).  On Sundays, they also provide service to the National Capital Streetcar Museum in Wheaton.





National and Regional lines

Greyhound Bus Terminal
GPS Coordinates: 39.271409,-76.627589
Address: 2110 Haines Street, Baltimore MD   21230

The national bus lines have a depot centrally located in Baltimore at 2110 Haines Street, as seen in the map above.  They used to stop at the Travel Plaza located on O'Donell St, on the east side of Baltimore adjacent to Interstate 95, but not anymore.  The regional line, Peter Pan, also has daily busses stopping at the Haines St location (if you are ever in the Springfield area, you gotta go find their depot, it's huge!).

    Greyhound at the Travel Plaza

Peter Pan at the Travel Plaza (Springfield MA).

  The Travel Plaza today :-(

  The unused Travel Plaza from I-95

Private charter companies

Dillon's Bus Service (Millersville MD). "Stealth" paint scheme.

 Classic Dillon paint scheme.

Dillon has a fleet of about 80 coaches, the majority of which are based at their home in Millersville MD (south of Baltimore on I97).  There are two (other) small bases of operation, one in Cherry Hill, the other in Aberdeen (on Rt 40 between MD 7 and MD 715).  In addition to their regular "for hire" coach service, they provide MTA commuter service to out lying Baltimore communities.  To support the commuter runs, Dillon operates 8 buses owned by the MTA (see above).  I caught their stuff up in Aberdeen, as the busses are readily accessable without going around fences.  Some of their busses will fool you because they say "Coach USA" on the side.  There are two additional paint schemes I have seen.  One is the Coach USA scheme with Dillon's in place of the big Coach USA

  Eyre Bus Tour and Travel (Eyre picture)

Golden Ring.

Gunther Charters (Glen Burnie MD).

Hubers (Glen Burnie MD).

Hunt Valley Motor Coach (Cockeysville MD)

Joy Motor Coach (Baltimore MD)

Ridgeway Coach (Woodlawn MD)

Bill Rohrbaugh's Charter Service (Manchester MD).

Rohrbaugh's yard is located on the north side of Manchester MD on MD 30.  I was there on a Tuesday evening, and there looked to be about 12 busses around, as well as someone working in the service bay if your interested in chatting.  They also operate a small fleet of school busses.

Superior Tours (Pikesville MD)

Woodlawn Coach (Catonsville MD).

Other busses of the area:

 VA Hospital bus (Perryville MD)

These busses are seen a lot coming and going thru town
but are not Baltimore based:


La Cubana (Miami FL)

(LC picture) Don't know much about them, but I see them all the time going thru town -- on their way between Miami and New York. Most of the busses are brightly painted. They have a stop in Elkton MD (why?).

Elite Coach

Krapf's Coach (West Chester PA)(Krapf's picture)




  Tremblay's (New Bedford MA) http://www.tbcbus.com/

  Wise Coaches (Nashville TN)

  Ionosphere Travel & Tours (Anderson, SC)

  Sharaton (Wyalusing PA)

    DC Trails

  Private Coach

  Promised Land Church - There's too many of them to figure out which one it belongs to, and I can't see the plate to tell

 Gregg Bus  (Wilmington DE)

Misc / Other


    CSPAN bus from 2008

    Linkous Christian Tours - seen on I-81 north of Roanoke VA

The Big Green Bus from Dartmouth - seen around the corner from where I live, musta been visiting someone in the neighborhood!

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