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The Portland Oregon area has a lot of interesting things for the rail AND transit fan. 

Back in the years 1998-2002, I used to get to Portland a couple of times a year.  The company I use to work for was headquartered in Beaverton (rip-IMS) :-(.
I used to stay at the Courtyard which backs up to the Willamette & Pacific, and I would ask for a room in the back on the third floor... they always thought I was crazy, but it had a great views of the freights coming by, especially at four in the morn.

The individual transit maps for Portland are as follows:
HOME ..... the Portland Transit Homepage
    MAP 1 ..... Portland Light Rail Overview
    MAP 2 ..... the Portland Streetcar
MAP 3 ..... WES - the Westside Express Service Commuter Train
MAP 4 ..... the Downtown Area
MAP 5 ..... the Westside Light Rail Guide
MAP 6 ..... the Eastside Light Rail Guide
    MAP 7 ..... the Yellow Line
MAP 8 ..... the Red Line
MAP 9 ..... the Blue Line/east
MAP 10 ... the Green Line
    MAP 11 ... the Yellow & Green Lines Downtown
MAP 12 ... Downtown to Gateway/east
MAP 13 ... the Blue & Red Lines/west
MAP 14 ... the Blue Line/west - Beaverton to Hillsboro

Please note, some of the above transit pages are maps only, not guides - as such, there are no pictures or information contained within.

If you want to know where the train action is, check out my other set of maps:
     HOME ..... the Portland Railroading Home Page

MAP 1 ..... the Amtrak Station Area
MAP 2 ..... The Union Pacific and the east side of the Willamette
     MAP 3
..... the BNSF and the west side of the Willamette
     MAP 4
..... South of Downtown Portland, the Milwaukie area

If you are interested in learning more about the signals used on the MAX, Michael H forwarded a link to a site where signals and the light rail system are discussed in a blog format, it is located here.

I would like to thank both Rick H of Vancouver WA, and Greg M of Salem OR for taking the time to show me around, taking me along to chase 4449, and helping me find things on my many trips to Portland, Salem, and Eugene.  I will be adding pictures they have sent me as time permits.

If you have any additional info you would like to share with the rest of us, it would be greatly appreciated.... please email me, my address is here

Below is the whole system map, but it needs updating to add the green line and change the yellow line route.

Until then, here is Tri-Met's system map:

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