Todd's Railfan Guide to
Tri-Met MAX Light Rail
Portland OR - Downtown

In General


The individual transit maps for Portland are as follows:
HOME ..... the Portland Transit Homepage
    MAP 1 ..... Portland Light Rail Overview
    MAP 2 ..... the Portland Streetcar
MAP 3 ..... WES - the Westside Express Service Commuter Train
    MAP 4 ..... the Downtown Area
MAP 5 ..... the Westside Light Rail Guide
MAP 6 ..... the Eastside Light Rail Guide
    MAP 7 ..... the Yellow Line
MAP 8 ..... the Red Line
MAP 9 ..... the Blue Line/east
MAP 10 ... the Green Line
    MAP 11 ... the Yellow & Green Lines Downtown
MAP 12 ... Downtown to Gateway/east
MAP 13 ... the Blue & Red Lines/west
MAP 14 ... the Blue Line/west - Beaverton to Hillsboro

Please note, some of the above transit pages are maps only, not guides - as such, there are no pictures or information contained within.

If you want to know where the train action is, check out my other set of maps:
     HOME ..... the Portland Railroading Home Page

MAP 1 ..... the Amtrak Station Area
MAP 2 ..... The Union Pacific and the east side of the Willamette
     MAP 3
..... the BNSF and the west side of the Willamette
     MAP 4
..... South of Downtown Portland, the Milwaukie area

In General

Portland has turned out to be one the the nicer towns in America to visit for taking pictures of both trains and transit.

In the downtown area, you will discover a delightful mix of both the Tri-Met LRV's and the Portland Streetcars.  Activity is such that is will keep you busy all day long with the variety of places for photo opportunities.

Additional pictures of the places to catch photos from are here on the railfan pages.

Pictures are always needed if anyone feels inclined to take 'em, send 'em, and share 'em, or if you have something to add or correct.... credit is always given!  Contact info is here



the Tri-Met MAX Light Rail

All photos are courtesy of and copyrighted by Rick Holm.  Many thanks!


  Close-up of one of the new LRV's

A Few Portland Streetcar Pictures



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