Todd's Railfan Guide to
NS Inman and CSX's Tilford & Howell Yards




In General

Location / Name:
Atlanta GA, xxx County

What's Here:
NS's Inman Yard
CSX's Tilford Yard
CSX's Howell Yard

GPS Coordinates: as needed
Phone A/C:

Access by train/transit:
Amtrak in downtown Atlanta

The Scoop:

Most of the major rail traffic in and out of the Atlanta area used to hit CSX's Tilford yard, and Norfolk Southern's Inman yard.  Starting in 2018 however, CSX made the decision of take out the hump at Tilford.

From Trains magazine: The Jim Foote-era at CSX Transportation began with a rumble that emphatically signaled his commitment to following through on what the late CEO E. Hunter Harrison began. In a symbolic move, Foote’s first decision after being named chief executive in December was ordering the hump bulldozed at Tilford Yard in Atlanta. The yard was one of eight humps converted to flat-switching last year under Harrison, who died in December. “Atlanta hump yard today is flat,” Foote says. “There is no turning back.”

CSX announced as early as March 2017 that they were planning on bulldozing the hump at Tilford.  The city has been trying to get Tilford (and probably Inman) yard closed and gone for years.  Sometime in 2018, CSX started removing about half of the yard.

If you venture here, you will still not be disappointed, as there is something moving almost every minute of the waking day!

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Websites and other additional information sources of interest for the area:

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MAP 10 -  the Kennesaw area & the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History

the MARTA Metro System


All three yards, Howell is the "smaller" one to the right

NS's Inman Yard

GPS Coordinates: 33.798155, 84.419994 (center of yard)

CSX's Tilford Yard

GPS Coordinates: 33.801272, 84.448239 (center of yard, the whole thing)
GPS Coordinates: 33.808855, 84.454911 (center of yard, what's left in the north section)

The pictures below are exciting as they are depressing... ending the legacy of a yard that has been around for 60+ years. 
Progress is often painful from a historic standpoint.
I hope for CSX's sake, that this doesn't follow in the steps of Conrails/PRR's low grade route which we can not ever get back now that traffic has increased!

CSX's Howell Yard

GPS Coordinates: 33.798155, 84.419994 (center of yard)

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