The Gregarious Railfan
Marysville, (Harrisburg) PA 17053  (population of Harrisburg, 49,507)    

GPS: N 40.32937, W 76.91642   Google map   

Scanner: NS 160.800 [46], 161.070 [64]  

Railroad:  Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Division

Description: This is the first (as of December 2014) railfan location that Iíve listed that is a commercial
establishment. The Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast, has a wonderful view of the Famous Rockville Bridge.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 50+

Nearby RR stuff: Enola Yards; Harrisburg

Other interesting or fun stuff: Harrisburg is the State Capital of Pennsylvania

Photo opportunities: The Bridge

Local bed & breakfast: The Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast, 810 S Main St, Marysville, N 40.32947, W 76.91609;    

Fast Food: McDonald's, 425 N Enola Rd (US 11/15), N 40.30006, W 76.92778  

Local Diner: Marysville Diner, 510 S State Rd, Marysville, N 40.33587, W 76.92641

Ice Cream:  Dairy Queen, 331 N Enola Rd (US 11/15), N 40.29797, W 76.92879

Pub and Grub: Yardz Bar & Grill, 325 N Enola Rd (US 11/15), N 40.29708, W 76.92925

Alternate Lodging: Quality Inn, 501 N Enola Rd (US 11/15), N 40.30213, W 76.92765
Rockville Bridge area Map courtesy of Todd Sestero
Rockville Bridge