The Gregarious Railfan
Portland, OR  97209  (population, 639,863 (2016))                 

GPS:  N 45.52883, W 122.67662   Union Station           map   

Scanner: BNSF, 161.250 [76] road,  161.100 [66] Lake Yard; UP, 160.515 [27] road, 160.410 [20] Albina yard,
161.430 [88] Brooklyn Yard  

Railroads:  BNSF, Northwest Division, Fallbridge Sub; UP Portland Division, Portland Sub; Amtrak; Portland and
Western RR   
also Portland Streetcar and TriMet MAX light rail.

Description:   Portland Union Station is the center of railfan activity in Portland.  Honestly, there is so much to
cover, and Todd Sestero's multi-page coverage of Portland does such a good job that I will just link to his main
Portland page here:  
 RAIFAN GUIDES of the U.S.  Portland.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:   30+ (?)  includes Amtrak's Empire Buider, Coast Starlight and frequent
Cascade arrivals and departures. Does not include TriMax Light Rail movements which also pass by Union Station just to
the south.

Nearby RR stuff:  BNSF Lake Yard  N 45.55221, W 122.72306;
             BNSF Willbridge Yard  N 45.558523, W 122.73797;
             UP Albina Yard  N
45.54882, W 122.68944;
UP Brooklyn Yard  N 45.49024, W 122.64376;
             UP Barnes Yard  N 45.60525, W 122.75060;
These yards are really not accessible to the public, they are listed here for your information.     

Photo Opportunities:  Walkway over the tracks at Union Station, N 45.52822, W 122.67604;
                 The 9th Street grade crossing N 45.53247, W 122.68024;
                 The pedestrian sidewalk next to Steel Bridge N 45.52706, W 122.67163;      

Breakfast:  The Original Pancake House, 8601 SW 24th Ave, N 45.46287, W 122.70210  
      5 miles south of Union Station;  
Gravy, 8601 SW 24th Ave, Portland, N 45.55175, W 122.67556

Fast Food:  McDonald's, 1520 NE Grand Ave. north of the Willamette River, N 45.53427, W 122.66022
      Burger King, Next to the Best Western N 45.59399, W 122.68200

Ice Cream:   Cool Moon Ice Cream, 1105 NW Johnson St, N 45.52871 W 122.68243;
       Ben & Jerry's, 39 NW 23rd Pl, N 45.52460, W 122.69975

Pub and Grub:   Pope House Bourbon Lounge, 2075 NW Glisan St,  N 45.52631, W 122.69400  $$$

Great Pie:   Shari's Cafe & Pies, next to the Best Western;  N 45.59315, W 122.68166

Lodging:   Best Western at the Meadows, 9816 N Whitaker Rd, Portland;  N 45.59452, W 122.68230
     5 mile due North of Union Station, Reasonably Priced

TRAINS Articles:   Hot Spot, December 2016; 16 page Trackside Guide #2, December 2002, worth finding a copy.

Visitor's Center:   Visitor Information Center, 701 S.W. Sixth Ave.  Pioneer Courthouse Square  
Portland & Worcester Freight at Union Station
Portland Streetcar
Portland TriMax
Portland Union Station