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In General

Location / Name:
Bridgeville DE, Sussex County

What's Here:
Former PRR Depot
Demarva Central RR runs N/S thru town

GPS Coordinates: 38.74193, -75.60613
Phone A/C: 302
ZIP: 19933

Access by train/transit:


The Scoop:

Bridgeville only has this one station for the railfan to make it a worthwhile stop over.  That's why, if you're in the area, it's prudent to take in Georgetown, Harrington and Delmar so you don't feel like you drove all this way for "nothing". :-)

The town sits on the mainline of the Delmarva Central RR, and when you're here, you might be able to catch one if their trains rolling thru, but don't count on it, for as many times as I have crossed this part of Delaware, I think I only spotted a train once, serving the grain facility on the Bridgeville bypass.

Georgetown DE is 12 miles (22km) to the east via 404, and has a nicely restored depot with a model railroad club inside.

DCR's headquarters is ~12 miles (21km) north in Harrington DE.

Delmar DE, 20 miles (~32km) south, has one of the few ball signals remaining in the U.S.

Many of places to eat and get gas are going to be on US-13, centered around the "southern" junction of DE-404 at S Main St near the Wawa - there you have a Walgreen's, Sonic, Royal Farm Store, McDs, Carroll Fuel, and two Mexican food stops.  Tony's Pizza is on S Main St going into town from there, and you have Jeff's Taproom & Grill across from the depot, and Snappy's Bar & Grill about a block away from the depot.

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Getting Here

From the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, come across US-50, and take the MD-404 turnoff about 16 miles from the Bay Bridge.  This will take you to into Bridgeville DE.  MD-404 turns into DE-404, thank both of the DOT's for keeping the route number the same! :-)

When you reach the sign that wants you to take a left to stay on 404, don't, go straight, this will take you into town where the depot is.

From the north, US-13 brings you almost straight down from places like Wilmington DE and I-95.  Take a right onto Business 13, N Main St, as you approach Bridgeville.  Travel 1 mile (1.6km) and then take a right onto Market St, go 6 blocks, and the depot will be off to your left by the tracks.

From the south, say Norfolk, again, it's US-13.  It's about a 125 mile (200km) ride from Virginia Beach and Norfolk, but you get to go over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, which in it's own right, is awe inspiring!!!  When you approach Bridgeville, take a left onto Business 13, S Main St, and go 1.6mi (2.6km) to Market St, where you will take a left on Market St.

If you're coming from the shore via DE-404, go straight when you come to US-13, this will put you on S Main St, Business 13.


In case you're a fan of Google Maps and noticed all three things are highlighted, which isn't the norm, I took two additional screenshots to make the aerial view above. :-)

Food n stuff:


Former PRR Depot

GPS Coordinates: 38.74193, -75.60613
110 S Railroad Ave, Bridgeville DE 19933

Fire and Police

Bridgeville Fire Company

GPS Coordinates:
311 Market St, Bridgeville, DE 19933

Bridgeville Police Department

GPS Coordinates: 38.74310, -75.60363
302 Market St, Bridgeville DE 19933

Delaware State Police

GPS Coordinates: 38.72000, -75.58884
9265 Public Safety Way, Bridgeville DE 19933


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