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In General

Location / Name:
Harrington DE, Kent County

What's Here:
Delmarva Central RR HQ
DCR Yard
Railroad Tower Museum

GPS Coordinates: as needed
Phone A/C: 302
ZIP: 19952

Access by train/transit:

Pretty much flat!

The Scoop:

Harrington is the headquarters of the Delmarva Central Railroad.  The railroad is managed locally from offices in Harrington, and they operate over a 188 miles of track in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia on what is generally referred to as the "Eastern Shore" or "the Delmarva Peninsula".  Freight operations are based out of Harrington, Dover DE, and Seaford DE.  There is a wye formed in part by the branch that heads east and then south to Milford DE, Georgetown DE, and Frankford DE.

The lines run from:
-- Near Porter DE, (south of Wilmington) south to Hallwood VA, going thru Salisbury MD and Pokomoke City MD.
-- And from Harrington DE to Frankford DE, with branches to Milton DE and Gravel Hill DE.

The DCR interchanges with Norfolk Southern and the Maryland & Delaware Railroad in several locations on the Delmarva Peninsula:
-- Townsend DE, Seaford DE, and Frankford DE for the Maryland and Delaware.
-- Porter DE and Tasker DE for the NS.

I don't have a clue when trains run. :-(  But here is a list of their trains that came from page:

If you do a search for: "railfanning the delmarva central railroad, you will come up with quite a few videos covering the line.

"Catty-corner" from DCR's main building is the Railroad Tower Museum, which includes a tower, watchman's shanty, and a PRR caboose.  The tower is part of the Harrington Historical Society Museum.  The tower is open by appointment, with one website further stipulating every 3rd Sunday.  Best thing to do is call ahead if you wanna get in.

Most restaurants, gas stations, and the like will be slightly east of town on US-13.  There is a Quality Inn and Suites on 13, as well as a McDs, Royal Farm Store (think 7-11), Dairy Queen, Rudy's (food), Main Street Cafe, Walgreen's, and Derby's Bar & Restaurant (as of 7/24).

Google Maps
DCR's website
Open Railway Map
Visit Central Delaware's website

Websites and other additional information sources of interest for the area:

Getting Here

Harrington sits on US-13, which runs N/S thru the heart of Delaware.  US-13 will bring you down from the Newark and Wilmington area, which includes I-95.

If you are coming from the "Western Shore" of the bay, coming from DC via US-50, take MD-404 (about 16mi (26.5km) from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge), and take a left.  When you are on 404 going around Denton, look for MD-313, and take a left.  In about 2/3 of a mile, take a right onto MD-317.  At the state line at Burrsville, it turns into DE-14.  DE-14 takes you into Harrington about 19 miles (14.5km) from Burrsville.

Coming up from Norfolk?  It's US-13 again, after you cross the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel..... :-)  It's a 140 mile (225km) ride from the BBT.



Delmarva Central RR HQ and Yard Office

GPS Coordinates: 38.92401, -75.57720
101 Delaware Ave, Harrington DE 19952

Here is a roster of their locomotives that comes from

DCR Yard

GPS Coordinates: 38.92342, -75.57737 (North end at Clark St)

The yard stretches about 1.8mi (2.95km) if we measure from Clark Street on the north end to Tower Hill Rd where the line goes back down to single track.

Railroad Tower Museum

GPS Coordinates: 38.92320, -75.57751
108 Fleming Street, Harrington DE 19952 Phone: 302-398-3698
Hours: By appointment only, Call

Overview (from the visit DE website) The Harrington Railroad Museum has been initiated and maintained by the Harrington Historical Society. Along with memorabilia from the City’s colorful past, the Museum also exhibits dioramas of rail tracks, a particularly interesting railroad tower, and a watchman’s hut along with a kitchen model. The Museum is open for visitors by appointment. Check contact details for visit.

Bridges and Tunnels

None around.


No signals to report.

Fire and Police

Harrington Volunteer Fire Co

GPS Coordinates: 38.92444, -75.57600
20 Clark St, Harrington DE 19952

Harrington Police Department

GPS Coordinates: 38.92433, -75.57888
10 Mechanic St, Harrington DE 19952


None for now......

Historical USGS Maps

Courtesy USGS, click here for their index page.


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