I dunno, why did I include this here in the map section of my website?.... Because.  Because it's about A train, no other reason.

For those of you not familiar with the TV show, or the movie called SNOWPIERCER (2013), they are both about a train which circles the globe in sub zero temps (I believe they mention -80F in the current season), without stopping, because everything else in the world, is frozen, and these are supposedly the only people left in the whole world. The cold temps are a result of a failed attempt at global climate control to compensate for global warming.

In the movie, the action takes place over several years, because we pass by one particular spot that they notice the snow is melting.  There is also a sub-story about Wilford taking kids from the low class back of the train to be put in the engine, under the floor, in a very small operating area, to run the train.  In the TV show, there is a monster "cab" where the train is operated from, and no kids are needed.

In the movie, the action takes place around the low class passengers in the rear of the train, growing unhappy about their place in the train, so they make plans to have a revolution, and move forward through the mid and high class sections to reach the engine, and take control.  That is also the basic premise of the TV show, and they succeed. 

We also find out in the TV show, that in contrast to the rich guy Wilford, who IS on the train in the movie, he IS NOT aboard the train when the TV series started.  Instead, in season 2, he is on a second train, and somewhere around mid season, his train catches up to the "main" train.  In the TV show, they make Wilford out to be, more or less, a very controlling, egotistical guy, who wants everything HIS way.

One of the things the TV show and the movie have in common, is a form of punishment, whereby they take the offender to a particular car outfitted for the task, and have one of their arms stuck out in the cold, while it freezes and then falls off.... frickin ouch!!!!

At the end of the movie, the lower class people succeed in getting the the engine and stopping the train, somewhere out in the middle of -like- no-where.  A few of them disembark the train and start walking, but where the Hell too??????  They didn't even stop it near any sort of urban area to seek shelter, and where the heck do they think they're going to find food?  Silly, no, stupid ending.

So, if anyone watches the show on TNT (or have seen the movie), you have to ask yourself: "where the heck does this train go?"
The two maps below don't agree with each other, but it gives you some idea....

They will be in a world of hurt if things warm up enough to melt the ice over the open sea! :-)

And how did they build the infrastructure in -80 degree temps in the first place?

What is Snowpiercer's gauge, and what pound rail does it ride on? :-)
Who makes the switch machines for the rail road, GRS or US&S? :-)
What provides power for the engine?
The engine overheats if it sits still for too long (even in -80 degree temps?  Phew!)
Does the engine, even though as big as it is, have enough tractive effort to move a train 10 miles and 1023 cars long?
Which, BTW, if you do the math, 1023 cars in 10 miles is only a 51.6ft long car, way shorter than our current 80 footers :-)
(1023 cars is the train length mentioned in season 3, episode 3)

Wouldn't it have been easier to build an underground city?

And why do the pictures of the train, as we move into season three, show steam engine running gear on the locomotive, which we ALL know is highly maintenance oriented?  TV folks, because it's TV.

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