Looks like their connections were made in Dothan AL to the Central of Georgia, Atlantic Coast Line, and the Louisville and Nashville in Cottondale (a direct connection at any rate - altho you could do the ACL to Montgomery and then hop on the L&N from there going north).

It also appears, according to this schedule, that there was only one train a day in each direction, with the other three trips made by bus.

Judging from the map, I'm going to make the assumptions that if you were headed to the east coast, say Savannah, and connections up and down the east coast, you would transfer to the ACL.  Headed to Atlanta, take the CoG from Dothan.  And if you were headed towards Birmingham or Chicago, probably the most direct would be via the L&N and ACL.  Would be interesting to find a schedule for Dothan from the time!

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