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The #15 Streetcar line uses fairly recently up-dated PCC cars, dating back to 1947.  They were upgraded with a new electronic control system, taking a seat away right behind the operator, new LED lights all over, widening of the center door, an ADA compliant wheelchair lift, and air-conditioning.  Work on the PCC's cost around $1.3 mil.   The 17 cars were originally built by the St. Louis Car Co, rebuilt by the Brookville Equipment Co, and carry the designation "PCC II".

The photo at the top of the page was taken in July of 2005, shortly after being placed back into service, when they were being used on the Surface Subway lines.

The line returned to service after a 13 year hiatus.  SEPTA spent a reported $100 million on fixing up the line and the cars, including some new trackwork and overhead lines.  Buses were used in the interim for service on the 15.  The line re-opening was delayed by a fight with residents along 59th street, which is needed to gain access to the Callohill depot.

SEPTA continues to receive criticism over it's use of money to restore streetcar service, when opponents say the money could be used for extending other lines or used elsewhere for something more practical or income producing.  Apparently, returning streetcar service to the #15 line hasn't produced anything significant in the way of neighborhood renewal or anything of that order.

The cars operate out of the Callowhill Depot.

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The Callowhill Depot.

Fancy trackwork along Girard Ave at Haverford.  A few other Bing aerial shots are shown below.

The following pictures ARE NOT from the #15 line, but are from 2005 when they were first placed into service and SEPTA ran them on the Surface Subway lines.  We'll get some on the #15 line on our next trip up.


At the 40th St Portal.

   At the Elmwood Depot, where the fan trip originated from.

   Rear view of the rebuilt cars.

   Inside the rebuilt PCC cars, on a fan trip we took in July 2005.

   The new operators console.

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