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Regional Rail Service (Commuter Rail)

Note: the route numbers are provided for "historical" reference only, as SEPTA discontinued their use as of November 2010.  They have also changed the destinations slightly, as (for instance), the R2 line which used to run from Warminster on the northside, to Wilmington and Newark DE on the southside, and has split it up into two slightly overlapping routes.  Some of the routes now end at 30th Street Station, others will end at either Suburban Station or Temple University depending on their direction coming into 30th St.  Thanks to the guys on Yahoo's Philly Traction group for the info.

  R1   Airport Line - PHL Airport - Center City/30th St - Temple University

  R2   Warminster Line - Warminster PA - Center City/30th St - University City

  R2   Wilmington / Newark Line - Newark/Wilmington DE - Center City/30th St - Temple University

  R3   W Trenton Line - W Trenton NJ - Center City/30th St  - University City

  R3   Media / Elwyn Line - Elwyn PA - Center City/30th St - Temple University

  R5   Lansdale / Doylestown Line - Doylestown PA - Center City/30th St

  R5   Paoli / Thorndale Line - Thorndale PA - Center City/30th St - Temple University

  R6   Cynwyd Line - Cynwyd PA - Center City/30th St - Suburban Station

  R6   Manayunk / Norristown Line - Norristown PA - Center City/30th St

  R7   Trenton Line - Trenton NJ - Center City/30th St - Temple University

  R7   Chestnut Hill East Line - Chestnut Hill PA - Center City/30th St

  R8   Chestnut Hill West Line - Chestnut Hill PA - Center City/30th St - Temple University

  R8   Fox Chase Line - Fox Chase PA - Center City/30th St


Streetcar / Light Rail Lines

The Surface Subway lines run underground from the 13th St/Juniper station to the 40th Street Portal, except for the #10 Line, which comes above ground at 36th and Ludlow Streets, 5 or 6 blocks from the 30th Street Station.  The underground portion parallels the Market-Frankford Subway line from 33rd St east.

  10   Surface Subway - Overbrook to Center City - ends at 63rd St and Malvern Ave

  11   Surface Subway - DTC to Center City - ends at the Darby Transportation Center

  13   Surface Subway - Yeadon / DTC to Center City - Norristo

  15   Trolley Line - Haddington to Port Richmond - 63rd St and Girard to Richmond and Westmoreland Sts

  34   Surface Subway - Angora to Center City - ends at 61st St and Baltimore Ave

  36   Surface Subway - Eastwick to Center City - ends at the Eastwick Loop on Island Ave

  100   Norristown Light Rail Line - Norristown Transportation Center - 69th St Transportation Center

  101   Media Streetcar Line - Media - 69th St Transportation Center

  102   Sharon Hill Streetcar Line - Sharon Hill - 69th St Transportation Center

Yards and service facilities for the 100, 101, and 102 lines are adjacent to the 69th St Transportation Center, see my map for 69th St.

The #10 and #15  lines are serviced at the Callowhill facility, located at Callowhill and 59th Streets. 

The other lines are serviced from the Elmwood shops at Elmwood and Island Avenues. 

The #11 line crosses the CSX at Main and 6th Streets in Darby, something you don't see very often.

Photo ops for streetcars are too numerous for this page, I will try to point out some of the better ones on the pages for each section.


I guess I'll have to update my map, huh?

Snaps of SEPTA's PDF map, shows all the stations and destinations, but no longer the old R2, R5, etc type designations (a sad loss).



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