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In General

Location / Name:
Nisbet/Susquehanna Township (across the river from Williamsport) PA

What's Here:
Three former Pennsy Interlockings and a wye + siding, now NS

GPS Coordinates: 41.221398, -77.111044 (River Rd grade crossing)
Phone A/C: 570
ZIP: 17702

Access by train/transit:

The Scoop:

This page is ALL about signals.  This is a large page picture-wise.

Signals, which of as March 2018, are ready to be replaced.  During a visit on 4MAR18, it was noticed that one new colorlight signal is already in place (OK, 2 if you count the dwarf on the bridge :-), but the rest, so far, are still laying on the ground, along with their associated bases.

Here on the east coast, I doubt you will find as interesting an interlocking left with such an assortment of different signal types, altho three of them are variations on the Pennsylvania RR PL (Position Light) signals.  One of the signals, on the bridge, on the northern SB approach to River Interlocking, has already been replaced.  The lone triple stacked searchlight signal was probably a replacement during the Conrail era, not quite sure where they would have gotten them from, even back then, since we are smack in the middle of hardcore PL territory.  Also, the PL signals here are of the "red-eye" variety, except for the dwarfs.

While you're wandering around taking pictures, if you keep your eye open, you may find all sorts of "little" treasures to make your visit more interesting.  Some of this will show up down in the floobydust section.....

Jersey Mike
Dave Malohn
Jim Appleman
Denver Todd

Websites and other additional information sources of interest for the area:
Google Maps
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Getting Here

Getting to the Williamsport area is fairly easy, unless you're coming from Philadelphia :-(.

I-80 is the closest E/W interstate, which is south of Williamsport.
I-81 is the closest N/S interstate, it is to the east.

Use US 220 on the west side of town, or I-180 on the east side to come up from I-80.

US 15 will bring you down from western NY state.

I-81 south to I-80 west, then I-180 north will bring you down from the Scranton and central NY areas.

From NYC, yake I-80 west.... isn't that easy?

From Philadelphia, it's going to be a tough ride, follow your GPS, there are many ways.....

From out west, like Pittsburgh, I-76 to I-99 thru Altoona and State College to I-80 and US 220 east will get you here.

From East Broad Top, take US 522 north to US 522/22 thru Mt Union at Lewiston, and go west to I-99.....

From Harrisburg, take US 22 on the eastern shore of the Susquehanna till you have to cross over and get on US 15 at Duncannon.  Headed to Northumberland, where you will once again cross the river to jump on PA 147, and take that till it runs into I-180.  It's a long and winding route, but the most direct one.  They are in the process of building a highway to bypass the Northumberland trek, and it will probably come off US 15, cross the river, and meet up with the lengthened I-180.

From DC and Baltimore, take I-83 out of Baltimore in Towson, go around Harrisburg to the east till 83 meets up with I-81, head west 1 exit to US-22, and head north.


Courtesy Jersey Mike


Conrail Track Map Courtesy Dave Malohn

  WB Main, CP South Linden, Pennsy PL


And one of the new signals in place......

  EB Dwarf PL, CP South Linden

This signal was removed years ago when the second track was taken out.  Would not have known about the existence of this dwarf  PL if it hadn't been for this picture.

  Photo: Jim Appleman, 1977

  EB Main, CP South Linden, Pennsy PL


  Dwarf PL, South Linden to River Connector Approach


  Dwarf PL, River to South Linden Connector Interlocker


South Linden Interlocking in general

The only remaining air operated switch machine, been laying in the grass like this for about 10 years.....
Anyone want to do a recovery??? :-)

  Dwarf PL, South Linden to River Connector Interlocker

  Dwarf PL, River to South Linden Connector Approach

  Dwarf Colorlight, SB River Interlocker


  Photo courtesy Jersey Mike

  Triple Head Searchlight, Linden to River Interlocker

Interesting assortment of hoods, the signals are GRS SA's......


  WB Main, CP Linden, Pennsy PL

The only signal bridge among the three interlockings, there used to be two tracks that went underneath it.  If you stand below the bridge, you can see evidence of where the other signal used to be.  The signal still in place was signal 216R and was on No. 2 Main.  The one removed was 220R on No. 1 Main.  See the Conrail track diagram above for more info.

From South Linden

  Pennsy PL, River to Linden Interlocker

It would be interesting to find out how the background got bent-up, my bets are on it being dropped :-)

  EB Main, CP Linden, Pennsy PL


  EB Siding, CP Linden, Pennsy Pedestal

  Photo courtesy Jersey Mike

CP Linden in General

Everything for this interlocking is still on the ground as of early March 2018.

Switch machine for the Linden to River interchange track.

The air plant for the three interlockings - hasn't been in service for about 10 years or so.  The equipment cabinet contained the air compressor.  There is still a two inch or so pipe going all the way down to South Linden, where one of the old switch motors is still sitting on the ground.

Interesting way for the cables "to get to the other side" :-)

A manual throw switch for a very short siding that goes down to the next road, Kennedy Lane.

  Colorlight Replacements

This is typical of the signals that NS is installing in place of the Pennsy PL intermediate signals, from Google Streetview.

  Signal Base

Unsure what exactly sat on top of this concrete base, but there was at least an enclosure because there are two 8" (or so) square holes in the top where cables would have passed thru.

Looking towards S Linden


Grade Crossing At "A", River Road

Culvert under the CP Linden end of the wye

Historical USGS Maps

Courtesy of the University of Texas Library, click here for their index page.

Found elsewhere on the internet.....


I love trains, and I love signals.  I am not an expert.  My webpages reflect what I find on the topic of the page.  This is something I have fun with while trying to help others.  My webpages are an attempt at putting everything I can find of the subject in one convenient place. 

Please Note:  Since the main focus of my two websites is railroad signals, the railfan guides are oriented towards the signal fan being able to locate them.  For those of you into the modeling aspect of our hobby, my indexa page has a list of almost everything railroad oriented I can think of to provide you with at least a few pictures to help you detail your pike.

If this is a railfan page, every effort has been made to make sure that the information contained on this map and in this railfan guide is correct.  Once in a while, an error may creep in :-)

My philosophy: Pictures and maps are worth a thousand words, especially for railfanning.  Text descriptions only get you so far, especially if you get lost or disoriented.  Take along good maps.... a GPS is OK to get somewhere, but maps are still better if you get lost!  I belong to AAA, which allows you to get local maps for free when you visit the local branches.  ADC puts out a nice series of county maps for the Washington DC area, but their state maps do not have the railroads on them.  If you can find em, I like the National Geographic map book of the U.S..... good, clear, and concise graphics, and they do a really good job of showing you where tourist type attractions are, although they too lack the railroads.  Other notes about specific areas will show up on that page if known.

By the way, floobydust is a term I picked up 30-40 years ago from a National Semiconductor data book, and means miscellaneous and/or other stuff.

Pictures and additional information is always needed if anyone feels inclined to take 'em, send 'em, and share 'em, or if you have something to add or correct.... credit is always given! BE NICE!!! Contact info is here

Beware: If used as a source, ANYTHING from Wikipedia must be treated as being possibly being inaccurate, wrong, or not true.


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