Todd's Transit Guide to
Tri-Met MAX Light Rail
Yellow & Green Lines - Downtown



The individual transit maps for Portland are as follows:
HOME ..... the Portland Transit Homepage
    MAP 1 ..... Portland Light Rail Overview
    MAP 2 ..... the Portland Streetcar
MAP 3 ..... WES - the Westside Express Service Commuter Train
MAP 4 ..... the Downtown Area
MAP 5 ..... the Westside Light Rail Guide
MAP 6 ..... the Eastside Light Rail Guide
    MAP 7 ..... the Yellow Line
MAP 8 ..... the Red Line
MAP 9 ..... the Blue Line/east
MAP 10 ... the Green Line
    MAP 11 ... the Yellow & Green Lines Downtown
MAP 12 ... Downtown to Gateway/east
MAP 13 ... the Blue & Red Lines/west
MAP 14 ... the Blue Line/west - Beaverton to Hillsboro

If you're also in trains, the Portland Railfan Guide is divided up into the following sections:
     HOME ..... the Portland Railroading Home Page
MAP 1 ..... the Amtrak Station Area
MAP 2 ..... The Union Pacific and the east side of the Willamette
     MAP 3
..... the BNSF and the west side of the Willamette
     MAP 4
..... South of Downtown Portland, the Milwaukie area
     MAP 8 ..... the Vancouver WA Amtrak Station area

Please note, some of the above transit pages are maps only, not guides - as such, there are no pictures or information contained within.

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