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In General

Location / Name:
Baltimore Streetcar Museum, Baltimore MD

What's Here:
Streetcars n Trolleys

GPS Coordinates: 39.311969, -76.620447
1911 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: (410) 547-0264

Access by train/transit:
Penn Station is about 4 or 5 blocks away
The North Avenue light rail stop is within walking distance

The Scoop:

The car we now have numbered 7303, is a car we acquired from Texas in 2002.  The car had been used in El Paso as car number 1503.  When the cars were retired from service in El Paso, 1503 was sold to a realtor, and used as a real estate office for 25 years in Cloudcroft, NM.  Before service in El Paso, the car was originally used in San Diego CA.

The original 7303 was a "Westinghouse" car, with the controls being made by Westinghouse vs cars using equipment manufactured by GE.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done in order for 7303 to be put back into revenue service, as the pictures below illustrate. 

As of early 2019, the old roof has been removed, the interior has been cleaned, and much of the interior metal framing has been sanded and primered with industrial grade paint, not the stuff you get at a home improvement center.

In the middle of February 2019, 7303 was finally moved inside the carbarn once car #26 was shipped to Columbia PA for painting and bodywork.

During 2020, everybody managed to the get the interior lights installed, and then the ceiling and roof were installed.  The trolley pole was put back on the top and wired in.

Late in 2021, body work was started on, including the doors and stairwells.

Through much of the progress, Rob Catlin has been keeping everyone up to date on the progress via Facebook, however, now everyone likes to go there, or has an account there, so I have put what I can find on this page.

If you look at the early progress reports, you will notice that John Roth has been busy way before 7303 ever made it into the carbarn for restoration to start.  He needs to be commended for his unwavering support and leadership on this project!

Thanks to Rob, John Engleman, John Roth and especially Bryan Cooper for his tireless efforts with both working on parts of the car, and rounding up all of these FB posts so they may be included here.

Rob Catlin
John Engleman
Bryan Cooper
John Roth

Websites and other additional information sources of interest for the area: My own guide to the Baltimore Streetcar Museum This site is for the machine shop The OLD main BSM website The new BSM website Full story on the history of 7303

Getting Here

From the north side of Baltimore, take the JFX - the Jones Falls Expressway, south.  Get off at the North Avenue exit, and take a left onto North Avenue at the first traffic light.  Get over to your right after going under I-83.  Take a right onto Maryland Ave, it's the third light, and a one way street going to your right.  Go down to the next light, which is W Lafayette Ave, and take a right, this will take you down to Falls Road.  Take a right onto Falls Road, and the museum will be on your right side shortly.



Rob Catlin and Ed Amrhein talking about 7303.

Interior view looking towards the front.

Interior view looking towards the rear.

The original main feed going up to the trolley pole, cut off at the roof line.

The main feed heading into the chase between the door and a window.

The main feed coming out of the wall and heading thru the floor.

Wiring side of the operators console.

One of the few places we have a problem with the integrity of the body.

The Rob Catlin Chronicles

To see more about the restoration project for PCC No. 7303, or to make a donation to the Restoration Fund, please "Like" and "Share" :

Progress in 2017 & 2018

7303 Restoration Part 1 -- 08/29/2017

7303 Restoration Part 2 -- 08/31/2017

7303 Restoration Part 3 -- 09/13/2017

7303 Restoration Part 4 -- 09/18/2017

7303 Restoration Part 5 -- 10/05/2017

7303 Restoration Part 6 -- 12/10/2017

7303 Restoration Part 7 -- 06/16/2018

Progress in 2019

7303 Restoration Part 8 -- 02/24/2019

CSX Derailment on the BSM -- 03/15/2019

7303 Restoration Part 9 -- 03/20/2019

Substation Work -- 04/01/2019

Contained in this set:
They didn't waste anytime decorating the new substation, did they? :-)

7303 Restoration Part 10 -- 04/17/2019

7303 Restoration Part 11 -- 04/20/2019

7303 Restoration Part 12 -- 05/16/2019

7303 Restoration Part 13 -- 05/23/2019

7303 Restoration Part 14 -- 05/30/2019

7303 Restoration Part 15 -- 06/01/2019

7303 Restoration Part 16 -- 09/19/2019

7303 Restoration Part 17 -- 09/20/2019

7303 Restoration Part 18 -- 10/30-31/2019

7303 Restoration Part 19 -- 11/17/2019

7303 Restoration Part 20 -- 12/05/2019 Th

7303 Restoration Part 21 -- 12/11/2019
Rob has many more pictures of the electrical equipment under 7303 on the FB page....

7303 Restoration Part 22 -- 12/21/2019

Progress in 2020

7303 Restoration Part 23 -- 03/15/2020


7303 Restoration Part 24 -- 07/26/2020

7303 Restoration Part 25 -- 09/02/2020


7303 Restoration Part 26 -- 09/08/2020 Tu

7303 Restoration Part 27 -- 09/22/2020

7303 Restoration Part 28 -- 10/07/2020 W


7303 Restoration Part 29 -- 10/15/2020 Th


7303 Restoration Part 30 -- 10/19/2020 M


7303 Restoration Part 31 -- 10/20/2020 Tu

7303 Restoration Part 32 -- 10/22/2020 Th



7303 Restoration Part 33 -- 10/27/2020

7303 Restoration Part 34 -- 10/28/2020


7303 Restoration Part 35 -- 11/04/2020

7303 Restoration Part 36 -- 11/09/2020 M

7303 Restoration Part 37 -- 11/10/2020 Tu

7303 Restoration Part 38 -- 11/13/2020 F

7303 Restoration Part 39 -- 11/14/2020 Sa

7303 Restoration Part 40 -- 11/20/2020 F


7303 Restoration Part 41 -- 11/23/2020 M

7303 Restoration Part 42 -- 12/11/2020 Th

Progress in 2021

7303 Restoration Part 43 -- 01/06/2021

An update in the form of a You Tube video:

7303 Restoration Part 44 -- 02/27/2021 Sa



7303 Restoration Part 45 -- 03/21/2021 Su

7303 Restoration Part 46 -- 04/03/2021 Sa

7303 Restoration Part 47 -- 04/10/2021 Sa

7303 Restoration Part 48 -- 04/17/2021 Sa


7303 Restoration Part 49 -- 04/18/2021 Su

7303 Restoration Part 50 -- 04/24/2021 Sa


7303 Restoration Part 51 -- 04/25/2021 Su


7303 Restoration Part 52 -- 05/01/2021 Sa


7303 Restoration Part 53 -- 05/12/2021 W

7303 Restoration Part 54 -- 05/29/2021 F


7303 Restoration Part 55 -- 05/31/21

7303 Restoration Part 56 -- 06/12/21 Sa

7303 Restoration Part 57 -- 06/13/21 Su

See above link for the Facebook page

7303 Restoration Part 58 -- 06/19/21 Sa

Progress in 2022

7303 Restoration Part Deux :-) -- 04/01/2022 F

15 minutes later, this NB LRV will be going by my backyard in Riderwood..... :-)

7303 Restoration Part Deux + 1 -- 04/19/2022 Tu and 04/20/2022 Wed

Pictures and information for work done in the shop on the doors on Tuesday and Wednesday is provided by Bryan Cooper.

7303 Restoration Part Deux + 2 -- 04/20/2022 W

And courtesy Rob Catlin, we have pictures from the "other side"....


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