Todd's Railfan Guide to
Baltimore MD

In General
Getting Here


In General

Location / Name:
     The B&O Railroad Museum
     Baltimore MD


     GPS Coordinates: 39.285652,-76.631956
     901 West Pratt St.   21223

The Scoop:

The B&O Railroad Museum couldn't be in a better place for a museum that represents the birth of American Railroading.  They have pretty much recovered from the unfortunate incident of February 2003, where a heavy snowfall caused part of the original roundhouse roof to cave in, and destroyed a number of irreplaceable pieces. 


The museum has decided to concentrate on mostly artifacts and trains of the B&O Railroad, having gotten rid of such great pieces like a Pennsy GG-1 and a South Shore "Little Joe".

They have a few signals, but noticeably missing from the pre-snowfall days, is a full dwarf CPL, which used to be on the outside wall of the roundhouse.  None of the signals in their collection are animated or controllable by visitors, a big disappointment for the signal fan.

Thanks to Denver Todd for his help with my railfan guides and suggesting welcome changes to help all ya'll.

Pictures and additional information is always needed if anyone feels inclined to take 'em, send 'em, and share 'em, or if you have something to add or correct.... credit is always given! Contact info is here

Getting Here

By Car:

From the west, via I-70 - when you hit the Baltimore Beltway, I-695, stay to your far right, heading south on the Beltway.  Take this to I-95, exit 11.  You want to be on the right side of the Beltway for the exit, but not all the way over, or you will wind up going to DC or getting off at Sulpher Spring Rd.  Just pay attention to the signs to go north on I-95, into Baltimore.  Next, take exit 53, I-395, to go into Baltimore proper.  Yes, you can take the exit before, but there are more traffic lights to deal with.  Besides, it's more scenic to come in this way.  When you finally come up to a traffic light at Conway street, go straight.  Go three blocks to Lombard St, and take a left - it's a one way street.  In slightly less than a mile, hang a left at Poppleton St, and this will take you to the gates.

Coming up from the south via I-95, follow the route above starting with the ext for I-395.

Coming in from the north via I-95, like Philly or New York, you have to go thru the Harbor Tunnel, but follow the same directions as above.

From the north via I-83 such as York or Harrisburg, and beyond, follow the signs to follow I-83 when you hit the Beltway.  Stay to the right to go west on the Beltway.  In about a mile, I-83 will continue south with an exit off to your right, both lanes are good.  Take I-83, or the Jones Falls Expressway all the way down till it turns into President St.  Go a few blocks till you hit Lombard Street, and take a right.  The museum is about 2 miles west.

By Transit:

The closest the light rail gets is about 3/4 of a mile.  The walk isn't too bad, the neighborhoods are OK.

The Metro Subway is a little further, as seen in the map below.

My advice would be to purchase a day pass, which is good all day long, unlimited trips, and usable on the Metro, Light Rail, and busses.

Remember there is no direct connection between the light rail and the metro, the closest they get is at Lexington Market.

There is also the free Charm City Circulator, which runs several lines in the downtown area.

If you're coming in by train at Penn Station, I would take a bus into downtown, as service is more frequent than taking light rail.  If you're taking MARC into Camden Station, you can either walk or take a bus.










All of these pictures are from 2007 on a Father's Day outing with my daughter Jennifer!

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