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In General
Getting Here


In General

The Walkersville Southern is a cute little excursion railroad, located about 8 miles or so north of Frederick MD, just off US15.

The track they run on used to the Pennsy line into Frederick MD from York PA.  They have about 4 miles of track to play on, complete with a nice bridge over the Monocacy River.   The track ends just short of MD 26, Liberty Road, because the traffic density on Liberty Road is terrible.  Liberty Road, BTW, is one of the longest roads in Maryland with the same name for it's run from US 15 all the way into Baltimore.

They have five "little" engines: one on display, two running, and two being restored.  They have a couple of cars to ride on for regular trips, and a dining car for dinner trains - book early, they usually sell out cause there are only 44 seating places on the car!

The people there are very friendly, so don't be afraid to ask for a cab ride.

They run:
     MAY, JUN, JUL, AUG - Saturdays only, 11am and 2pm.
     SEP, OCT, NOV - Saturdays and Sundays, 11am and 2pm.
     Specials - a lot of them, check out http://www.wsrr.org/events.htm
     Dinner trains - Twice a month, APR through OCT, they leave at 6pm, 2hrs round trip, $65 per person.

More info at: http://www.wsrr.org/

Getting Here

It's easy!...... Since it is conveniently located near Frederick, that means it is convenient to I70, so from Baltimore, head west on I70 and then take US15 north to Biggs Ford Road and head east to Walkersville.

From the west, take I70 east to US15, then head north.

From the south, if you're off US15, well, just stay on it past Frederick to Biggs Ford Rd.

If you're south off I81, you can either take US340 to shortcut you to US15, or go up to Hagerstown and then go east on I70, but going that way is longer.

If you're south off I95, it's a little tougher, as there are a couple of ways, but I would probably head west on I495 around Washington DC, the Washington Beltway, and then head north on I270 to Frederick and then catch US15 north.

From the north, US15 would probably be your best choice if somewhere in the Harrisburg area, or by coming in off of I81 to I70 at Hagerstown.


The above map shows you where the WSRR is in relation to Baltimore, Hagerstown, and Frederick MD.

The two maps below show the route of the Walkersville Southern.

An aerial shot of Walkersville.

Sights n Stuff

     1          The Station



        A recently installed semaphore

     2          The Yard


     3          The Museum

The Train and Rolling Stock

Despite how close I live to the WSRR, I have only been there twice.  The first day I was there, they were running engine #2, affectionately called "Bangy" because it has a mechanical transmission and clunks when shifting gears.  These pics were taken in 2004.



Flagg Coal Co #75 Visits

During the last part of June and the first part of July 2012 the Walkersville Southern hosted Flagg Coal Co 0-4-0 #75.


     4          The Shops


Grade Crossings and Bridges

Places to get pictures from.... the bridge will take a little bit of hiking, cause it's maybe 300-400 feet or so from Monocacy Ford Rd.  The crossings are shown from north to south.




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