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The north end of the Penn Line runs from Penn Station in Baltimore to Perryville MD, just on the north side of the Susquehanna River.

This MARC line runs on Amtrak's NEC - North East Corridor.

MARC service on this line is Monday through Friday only, plan your railfanning accordingly.

Amtrak will honor MARC tickets on certain trains, check the MARC website for details.

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MTA Photo Policy

After having a conversation with Mr. Terry Owens of the MTA back in March of 2011, and informed him that there was no formal photography policy on the MTA's website, they finally posted one.  A Snag of it is below, and for more information regarding the MTA's photo policy, check out:


A decent chase map is in the works........

Penn Station

    Penn Station at 3:30 in the morning.



Below are photos of the station way before the Jones Falls Expressway was put in.  The top photo is the first station that was on the spot, and they had not built a retaining wall next to the creek, the driveway going to the station was not in place, and the freight lines going in front of the station had not been built yet. The third photo is a close-up screen grab of the middle pix.

Martin State




For more pictures and information on Perryville, click here.

An electric MARC train crossing the tracks to enter the station.

A few passing Amtrak trains.

The station and the old Perry tower sitting on "the other side" of the tracks.


The Susquehanna River bridge.  Amtrak is trying to come up with the money to replace the 100+ year old bridge from 1906.

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