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In General

Lutherville is one of those old, old suburban communities of Baltimore from the 1600-1700's.  As you drive around you can see the houses are generally "older" than new.

In Lutherville, you have one of the remaining Northern Central railway stations off Seminary Ave.

Not to far away on Bellona Avenue is the Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company, which recently enlarged their station house.

About two blocks away from LVFC on York Road is the Fire Museum of Maryland, which has some really nice exhibits, including a working fire alarm display maintained by one of the fellows also involved with the Baltimore Streetcar Museum, John.

The second railroad of Baltimore, the Baltimore and Susquehanna, came through here in 1831-32 heading to York and Harrisburg.  The railroad was re-organized as the Northern Central Rwy after a really bad accident in Ruxton/Riderwood killed 35 people, and the B&S was prompted to reorganize in order to stave off bankruptcy.  The B&S also built the Green Spring Branch, which the Western Maryland used in the beginning before they had their own route out of the city.  They built this route as an alternate way out of Baltimore when the state of Pennsylvania denied the Northern Central access to entering York County.  The R-O-W was double tracked and signaled by WW1.  Local passenger service, known as the Parkton Local, was discontinued in 1959.  Soon after, the line reverted to a single track with passing sidings.  The last Norfolk Southern freight came through in 2004 before the double-tracking project started - NS used it as an excuse to abandon the line.  The "Campbell's" Quarry siding by Lowe's was removed (maybe) in 2013?
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The northern part of the light rail system runs right up the middle of the map, which was t
he original right-of-way of the Northern Central.  The original section which opened in 1990 and went to Timonium.  The extension opened to Hunt Valley in September of 1997. 

There are two light rail stops in the neighborhood: Lutherville and the Timonium Business Park.  Lutherville has become a semi-major bus terminal for the number 8 and 9 routes.  Ypou can see both 40 footers and articulateds come through.

Any part of the light rail system that wasn't double tracked, that project started on January 1st, 2005, and
the old marble ties (stringers) were visible along the R-O-W.  Above Cockeysville, the R-O-W is now the NC hikey-bikey Trail, which is very popular with those types.  The R-O-W splits off at Warren Rd., and other than the stub that is still there, not much remains visible.  NS trains stopped running when the light rail closed the track for the double tracking project at the beginning of 2005.  They applied for abandonment shortly thereafter.

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 ex PRR Lutherville Station

GPS: 39.424099, -76.629427  

Please do not trespass or otherwise go onto the property, this is a private residence.


Light Rail - Station by Station

Lutherville has two light rail stops: Lutherville and the Timonium Business Park.

The Baltimore Light Rail system starts/ends on the northern part of the map in Hunt Valley, at the mall.  Too bad for riders, but by the time the current owner of the Mall told the MTA that they would love to have the Light Rail come into the Mall, the MTA already had started on building the station as it is now. 

This map, map 1, covers the system from the northern end down to the Twin Tunnels in Riderwood.  The longest stretch of track without a stop starts on this map at Lutherville, and goes about 4 miles to the Falls Road station, and also takes in the best scenery of the entire system at Lake Roland.

Timonium Road Grade Crossing


Timonium Business Park




    Coming from the Lutherville station at Ridgely Rd, and heading into station.

Fire and Police

Lutherville MD is served by one volunteer fire company, Lutherville.  There is no police precinct in Lutherville, most calls are handled by cars from Towson, and Cockeysville if needed.  Other nearby fire stations are 1 - Towson, 17 - Texas, and 14 - Brooklandville.

 Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company

GPS: 39.422188, -76.620346

Lutherville is the closest station to where I live.  They have the distinction of being the only company in the county that has a truck outfitted especially for vehicle rescue, truck 303.  They just got a new 303 in 2011, replacing the older truck that had been in service for about 25 years.  As of 2012, Lutherville wanted to double the size of the firehouse into the adjoining lot to the right - it was completed over the summer of 2015.



        Construction pictures from May 2015.

            Interior shots from October 2014. 
Every call gets a map to the location as can be seen in the picture above.  301 got a call while I was there.


 the Maryland Fire Museum

GPS: 39.419041, -76.613518

Located in Lutherville, off York Rd (exit 26 off the Beltway)


  Turn off York Rd when you see this sign.

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