A southbound "2 pack" running alongside Howard St, stopped at the Convention Center.
The Bromo-Seltzer tower is in the background, and Camden station is behind me to my left.
The tracks just left the middle of Howard St in the background.



Hunt Valley and Cockeysville

  SB rounding the curve heading into Pepper Rd.

  SB coming up the short grade from Shawan Rd in Hunt Valley.

  NB at Pepper Rd.

  NB at Beaver Dam Rd, Warren Rd to the right of us - Cockeysville.

  SB climbing small grade in order to cross Warren Rd.

Two destinations you can't find on the map, or go to.  When I worked in railcar maintenance back in 95-98, I programmed these two destinations, Ruxton and Riderwood, into the ODK.  I'm surprised they are still there today.  If you get to Baltimore and want them displayed, ask the operator for destination 198.  Most of them, if not all of them, don't even know the code exists.  These pictures were taken at the BWI station on 11-2-05.

A billboard from before the light rail system opened in 1990.  I probably took it in 1988 or 1989 when one could still drive down the old Pennsy R-O-W.

The Timonium Road grade crossing in (probably) 1989.  They have worked on this grade crossing countless times over the "recent" years: in the late 80's in preparation for the light rail system, in the 1989 timeframe to build the system, in the early 90's to remove the Saco Supply siding going off to the left, in 2005 for the double-tracking project, and then around 2010 to completely rebuild it.  Saco Supply moved to Cockeysville Rd in Cockeysville, adjacent to the Northern Central R-O-W.

A couple of contractors checking out the vital relays at Warren Rd before the Hunt Valley extension was placed into service.

Here are a few shots from around the system, a lot of which were taken during the years 1995-1998 when I worked in railcar maintenance.

Night time wire work in the yard at North Avenue, ~1997.

Southbound approach signals coming into North Ave, ~1997.

Shots from grand opening day of the Hunt Valley extension.

Delivery of 5036 in 1997.

805 pulling a 3-pack at Warren Rd to test the catenary for alignment before energizing and revenue service.

First time 805 went down Howard St, I guess they didn't believe the thing would clear the street, why else would everyone be looking at it?  The other picture is 805 sitting in the North Ave yard, along with 804.

Two different Conrail freights waiting to go back to Bayview yard after having spent the night running up the Light Rail to Timonium during the off hours between 0130 and 0430.  If the freight can't make it back in time for the start of revenue service, they will park it on the siding at Warren Rd in Cockeysville.  Once in a great while when we were doing brake rate tests in Timonium, We would have to "chill" while waiting for the freight to pass us.  The 28th St bridge is in the background, and the steps lead down to the Relief Point, where they exchange operators.

Here's a shot from the North Ave bridge, that goes over the Light Rail (and the CSX mainline), the shops are in the background.  You can great shots of freights coming from Philly just a few feet away, and they're on a curved girder trestle.

A busy construction photo of the interlocking for the small branch going into Penn Station.  Howard St bridge is in the background.

  Ooooops, not sure if the truck or 5017 won this one on a Saturday night back in 1997 on Howard St.

  An MTA cop protecting the Warren Rd crossing while maintainers work on the gates.

  A NB train at Lake Roland / Robert E. Lee park.

  A view of a train on 3S from the 4S maintenance platform.

  A couple of busses at Camden Station.

  Yours truly getting a Customer Service award in 1995.  Also in the photo on the left is John Agro, who was head of the MTA back in those days, and George Thompson on the right, a foreman at the time, later promoted to Superintendent... he came from the Heavy Rail side around 1994.

  Track 3 being extended out of the carbarn on the north side, to join the tail track around the 1996 timeframe.

Construction Photos - North End Double Tracking Project

Three shots of LRV's finally back on the mainline, testing the tracks, catenary, and signals.  Sunday 11-6-05.

      Construction photos from the double tracking at Timonium stop by the Fairgrounds.  The two left photos are looking north, the one on the right is looking south.

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