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In General

The Chesapeake and Allegheny Live Steamers is Baltimore's live steam club, and is located in Leakin Park in western Baltimore City.

The main track is for 1/8 scale trains, and has a gauge of 7 1/2".  There is approximately 3400 feet of 7 1/2" gauge track.   The main line is double tracked, so we can run trains in both directions, but since they are loops, operation is pretty limited compared to, say, White Creek in Michigan.  Nevertheless, it gives us the opportunity to show off what we have.

There is also track for 1" and 3/4" scale trains, but it not quite as extensive.  There is approximately 1630 feet of 4 3/4" track on the ground, and 1050 feet of 4 3/4" and 3 1/2" track elevated.

Public operations are on the 2nd Sunday of the month, between 11am and 3:30pm.... April thru October. 

There is also a club run day on the 4th Sunday of the month in case you are visiting from out of town and can't make it on the 2nd Sunday. 

Members also take their trains to most of the local train shows in Timonium, and have been known to show up at Cabin Fever in York PA, now held in April (it used to be in January.)

Their website is here: http://calslivesteam.org/

Getting Here

The easiest way is to come in via the I-70 stub that is INSIDE the Baltimore Beltway, I-695.

If you are north (like I-83 or I-95 from PA, DE, or NJ) or south (say I-95 from DC or VA, or I-97), come around the Beltway to I-70 at exit 17 and head east.

Go all the way to the end of the interstate, and refer to the second map below.

If you are in the downtown area of Baltimore, it may be easier to come out Route 40, Baltimore National Pike, and then hang a right onto Security Blvd.  If you are down around the stadiums or Baileys Wye however, take I-95 south to the Beltway and then take 695 north to I-70, it will be much quicker.

Below is a map of the Leakin Park area off of the east end of Interstate 70 and Security Blvd, adjacent to Catonsville, so let's go over the info on it:

CALS is at the Green circle.
If you are coming to CALS by way of the Baltimore Beltway, take I-70 into Baltimore, it will bring you to the end of the highway pictured on the map, then:

You have two options in RED and YELLOW,
To take the RED exit, you'll have to go to the very end of the interstate and make a U-Turn.
Then follow the BLUE arrows to CALS.
If you come on a public run day, park in the "black" parking lot, following the BLUE arrows, or,
If coming on a private run day, take the entrance a little earlier on Windsor Mill Rd where the ORANGE arrows are,

You can also get off at the Security Blvd exit off of 695 and come down that road, but you have all those traffic lights!

If you're hungry, there are a few fast food joints on Security Blvd.

Getting back on to I-70 or the Beltway is easy off of Ingleside Ave at the ramp in PURPLE.  If you stayed on Ingelside, it would take you into Catonsville (eventually).

If you follow the PINK arrows to leave, it will take you back into Baltimore via RT 40: Edmondston Ave and Franklin St.  This will take you right by the West Baltimore MARC station which affords the railfan great pictures of NB NEC trains!  The NB trains come straight at you for about a mile or so, and then curve to your right just before hitting the station platform.

If you leave heading east on Windsor Mill (the BLACK arrows), it will take you to Gwynn Falls Pkwy, which will take you over the old Western Maryland R-O-W and bring you up on the backside of Mondawmin Mall, which is where the first of the underground Metro stations is.  This and the above railfan spots at West Baltimore are in less than desirable neighborhoods, although not unsafe, but I would still not recommend railfaning alone.



An MCC Dash-9 in CSX colors.

Michael Watnoski checking out some of the MOW equipment.


The club electric running around.

Public Run day August 2015


So how do I start this here thing? :-)

Member Run day August 2015

My grandaughters showing off and proving even a kid can run these things :-) 
You can tell it's a Plumb Cove thing cause of the controller.

  In an adjacent play area on the public boarding side sits a train themed playset.

  The main CALS building.


A couple of aerial views from both Google and Bing.

A Google Maps photo of the grounds at Leakin Park.

Bings Birds Eye view of the park.

In this view, you can clearly see Hamilton Station (the club house & shops), the turntable and steaming bays.

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