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In General

This page is a quick rundown of the non-Lego brand train stations I have come across.  It IS NOT a complete listing of everything out there and available.  Some may be retired or no longer be in production.  Retired sets, especially Lego, will usually command a premium price if available.  See my main page for a list of the non-Lego manufacturers and suppliers I'm aware of.


Keep in mind, that the offerings from the Chinese manufacturers may be short production runs, so, if you're looking for some of these items I have mentioned on this page (and this page was originally done in early 2023), the kits may not be available when you go looking for them.  I have not provided links to the sellers pages on EBay, but you can do a search by the sellers name to see what they currently have offered, if anything.

ALSO, if you're buying off of EBay (or anywhere else for that matter), do your research - check item and shipping prices and resellers reliability .  I've found as much as a $120 difference for something costing $140 and $260 from two different sources.....

PLUS, if you order items from resellers websites (especially located in China), shipping charges can be as much (or more) as the item you're purchasing.

FINALLY, shipping prices vary, a lot.  For instance, on a mentioned Jie Star train station below, Bricksmyheart charges about 95 bucks, but does not charge for shipping; nether does YWOBB, so their price of $82 appears to be the cheapest; Barweer which charges $62 for the kit, but adds $33 of shipping, which makes the total cost $95.  YOU NEED TO DO PRUDENT SHOPPING!

Denver Todd

Websites and other additional information sources of interest:

Ali Express Stations

For the most part, kits sold thru Ali Express don't seem to have manufacturer names mentioned, and many of the seller names don't show up until you check out.

Large European Train Station 1

Large European Train Station 2

Large European Train Station 3

Large European Train Station 4

Large European Train Station 5

At almost 14,000 pieces, I think this qualifies as a "large" train station :-)

Subway Station

Train Station

Train Station

Train Station

If you come across this listing you will note that it contains a plethora of train sets that can be clicked on.

Train Station

CaDa Stations

CaDa C66008 - London Underground

Jie Star Stations

Jie Star 89104 - The Train Station: Studgate

Jie Star 89142 - The Railway Station at Christmas

Jie Star 89154 -- Meeting Point Station

Cute little station with an adjoining business, partial street scene, and high-speed train platform.  Around 2720 bricks, and available from multiple vendors on EBay and elsewhere.  Prices and shipping: Bricksmyheart charges about 95 bucks, but does not charge for shipping, nether does YWOBB, so their price of $82 appears to be the cheapest; Barweer which charges $62 for the kit, but adds $33 of shipping, which makes the total cost $95.

Kazi Stations

Kazi KY10008 -- Train Station with lights

This 2928 piece kit will build you a three story Chinese style train station, which includes parts to put an elevated track at the second level.  I'm sure there is a prototype for this model, somewhere.....  Not sure if the pictured power car is included - if so, it looks like they may be using their KY98227 train set power car as the basis, with a different set of decals.  It's interesting that their translator results in "track ediface guting station"!  Found on the Your World of Building Blocks website.

MOC Stations

There are a lot more MOC stations above in the Ali Express section

Mould King Stations

Mould King 12011 -- Magic Station

Really nice "fantasy" train station from Mould King, 3318 pieces, nice detail, easy to follow instructions.
Dunno what to do with it now that it is done, but I had to have it :-)

Reobrix Stations

Reobrix 66031 -- Magic Station "Book"

A "book" version of a train station, which is basically a foldable station front.


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