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In General

This second page of the non-Lego section will highlight some of the current offerings of trains NOT made by companies such as Mould King and Jie Star.  The majority of the stuff on this page comes from the Ali Express website.... and they carry a ton of L-Gauge train and train related products!!!  So much so, that this page could probably go on forever.... Just like trying to reach the end of the internet :-)

Most of the L-Gauge models offered on Ali Express' website DO NOT offer printed assembly manuals.  They will either send you a link to where you can download a PDF assembly manual, or email you the PDF once you have bought the item.

I've noticed that since I got snagged by the block building bug, I seem to migrated away from trains, and gone into buying construction and heavy equipment, and industrial scenes like the Blast Furnace.  I also came across a huge 20,000 piece model of the Battlestar Galactica spaceship from a U.S. TV series back in the 1980 timeframe, but at $1200, I'm not sure if I will be buying it.... :-)  Looks to be a beautiful model however!

As you may notice, a lot of these listings were "found" over the Black Friday weekend (2023), and prices were reduced.

You may also notice while looking at the listings, that most of them are quoting you huge discounts, like 80%.... compared to what?:    :-)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind, that the offerings from many of the Chinese "manufacturers" may be short production runs, so, if you're looking for some of these items I have mentioned on this page, this page was originally done in 2023, and the kits may not be available when you go looking for them - ESPECIALLY the MOC models!  When I started this page in late 2023, I kept many of the tabs open in my browser.  Just in three months, about six of the pages have dissapeared

I have not provided links to the listings on Ali Express, but you can do a search by the product name to see what they are currently offering, if anything.  Additionally, once you have gone to a specific page, further down on the page you will see links to more and more of the same.... you may never be able to leave - down the rabbit hole we go!!! :-)

The pages of Ali Express

Websites and other additional information sources of interest for the topic:

Freight Trains, Train Sets, and Locomotives

Alco RS-2

A fairly accurate rendition of an Alco RS-2, offered in 2 paint schemes.  2248 pieces for the UP colored version, and 2272 pieces for the BRC inspired scheme.

British Columbia Rwy Boxcar

This 1065 piece model looks like it might be a twin-door 60ft boxcar, AND, if it includes stickers, is well detailed.

British Locomotives

Canadian National Snowplow

C&O Streamlined Steam Engine

Crocodile Locomotive

A non-powered locomotive with a lot of nice accessories to make a nice static display. 1264 pieces.  No minifigs or manual, a PDF manual will be sent after purchase.

E656 Electric Locomotive - Italy

An eight wide model with motor, 1647 pieces.  Interesting articulated loco with a B-B-B wheel arrangement with 2 motors (540hp each) on each axle for a total of 12 giving the engine 5,940hp!  Also in HO by Rivarossi.

EMD's F7A & F7B Units / ATSF - USA

EMD's F7A & F7B Units / Union Pacific - USA

While this kit may seem cheaper than the ATSF units above, it appears that this model is 6 wide vs the ATSF units being 8 wide, and contains about 1000 less pieces.

-- EMD's SD-70 (USA) --
Here are listings for the "infamous" SD-70 I have come across......


This locomotive is incorrectly billed as an SD-70.... Shame on them!
This is a model of an Australian N Class locomotive, listed below.
If you have the money, MOC Building offers some high-end models.

Canadian Pacific / Kansas City Southern SD70

DRGW / Rio Grande SD-70

No where in the listing does it state that this engine is an SD-70.  This listing is not offering motors with the kit, nor the decals/stickers :-(.  Kit contains 2233 pieces.  Notice the more prototypical couplers.  Once completed, it looks like this model is 10 wide, so if you power the thing, it may not fit thru a lot of your stations and/or tunnels if you have them designed for 8 wide equipment.

Mauritania Railway SD70ACS

Looks like a 10 wide model, 2143 pieces.  The listing does not state anything about it being powered.

G2000 European Diesel Freight Engine

Be careful where you purchase this non-powered model from, because, while the 42 bucks may seem cheaper, they charge $50 for shipping! :-(  The other listing for this engine sells for $62 but includes shipping.

Garrett Steam Locomotive


Gas Turbine / UP - USA

German Freight Cars

German Steam Locomotives

German steam locomotives in a variety of styles from several sources, "like" green numbers indicate the same vendor.

Looks like the one below contains parts to make a display track, and maybe the semaphore....

German Class BR250 and BR243 Electric Locomotives

The German class BR250 is a Co-Co electric engine, while the class BR143/243 is a B-B engine.  Both of these look well designed to look like the real thing.  Looks like only one truck on each model is powered.  Depending on how the wheels are mounted on the Co-Co version, it may have difficulty negotiating a small radius curve.

High Nose GP-9 with Matching 80ft Boxcar - USA

Appears to be 8 wide models, 1410 pieces for the Geep and 1336 for the boxcar.  I guess by using the "salt" name, they avoid copyright issues?  Notice the more prototypical couplers....  The listing does not mention anything about being powered, so it probably is not :-(

Jiestar Mini-Trains

Kits for kids, all $3.45 each. 71 to 90 pieces.

WWII Armored Military Train

Modular Octan Train

This set has a non-powered locomotive and five freight cars, 1264 pieces.  No minifigs or manual, a PDF manual will be sent after purchase.

Misc Locomotive Listings

Misc Freight Cars

MOW Train

Cute little MOW Train: an electric loco with a trailing car, a couple of accessories and 3 minifigs - 431 pieces.  Can be bought with or without a motor and controller.

Narrow Gauge Quarry Train

New Haven EP-4 Electric Locomotive MOC - USA

On Ali Express, there is like, no description whatsoever.  However, while looking for a picture of the prototype, I came across a listing for the engine, with a short description.  IF the Ali Express version follows the designers design, it is powered by two KL motors, and looks to be an eight wide body compared to six for the majority of other engines listed thru Ali Express.  I think the darker green would have been a better choice however.  Don't know if the Ali Express version comes with decals, if not, I've included a link to the Rebrickable page containing them.  Also, Rebrickable does not have suppliers that can supply all of the parts, so if you want to build this engine, Ali Express is probably the best bet, keeping in mind, that you may still have to purchase the motors and controller.

NS 1600/1800 Electric Locomotive - Netherlands

Southern Pacific's High-Nose GP-9, The "Black Widow" - USA

1426 pieces.  The listing does not state anything about it being powered.  The only problem I see with this MOC, is that #5623 did not have the "resistor blister", otherwise, they did a good job following the prototype, even down to the white handrailing.


Steampunk Steam Locomotive

Two versions of basically the same engine.  The cheaper version fits standard track and is less detailed.  The larger version is well detailed, and fits a 12 wide track.  Looks to be 14 wide on the main body, and 18 wide at the upper level of the "home", not counting stuff that overhangs.  Neither one is probably powered.  The more expensive version comes with a display base, with non-standard track made from elements.

SW1200RS - USA

Looks like it is an 8 wide model, 1230 pieces.  The listing does not state anything about it being powered.

V/Line N Class Locomotive - Australia

If it looks familiar, I also have this listed above in the SD-70 section, because MOC Building has it incorrectly labeled in the photo as one.  The loco uses an EMD prime mover rated at 2476HP, and can be used in either freight or passenger service, as it has a separate head end power unit.  Max speed is 81MPH/130km/h.  Originally built for broad gauge (5'-3"--1600mm), and later re-gauged for standard gauge (4'-8 1/2"--1435mm).  Nice looking dual cab engine!

Passenger Trains and Regional/Commuter Rail

American Streamlined Passenger Train

A huge 11,083 piece kit to build a locomotive and four passenger cars.  Listing does not say if the engine is powered, but a detail photo shows the truck is geared.  Unfortunately, one thing the Lego world doesn't do well is "sloped surfaces", hence, the front is not as good looking as it could be..... and so it goes :-)

-- Amtrak Equipment --

Amtrak Autotrain Autorack - USA

Amtrak FP40PH Locomotive - USA

A 6 wide 653 piece model of Amtrak's older interstate passenger locomotive.  Probably not powered at this price.

Amtrak P42DC Locomotive - USA

A 6 wide 1395 piece model of Amtrak's current interstate workhorse passenger locomotive.  May be powered, cause it is shown on 9V powered track???

Metroliner - USA

Self powered passenger cars for the North East Corridor built for the Pennsylvania Railroad by Budd, and subsequently operated by Penn Central and Amtrak.  Can't tell from the listing if you are able to build both versions of the Metroliner at one time, or, if you are only able to make one set of 4 cars?  Either way, pretty expensive at $250+ per car if you can only build a four car set!  Plus, they are probably unpowered cars.  9212 pieces.

Amtrak Bi-Level Coach - USA

British Trains and Locomotives

Classic Urban Railway Locomotive

No mention in the listing of being powered, 6 wide.  An Acela style locomotive, with four cars, one of which is a bi-level "vista-dome" style car.  2310 pieces.

Toronto's GO Commuter Train - Canada

There are 2062 pieces in this 4 piece copy of the GO Commuter trains found in Toronto, Canada.  The engine is not powered, but the listing says it is compatible with standard power bricks.  Don't know if that means there are gears in the trucks or not?  Interesting offering that is one of the few strictly North American style train sets.

Toronto's GO Commuter Train - Canada

Another GO Train set with two pieces - an FP40 locomotive and one passenger car.  $132 for the pair.  679 (loco) and 607 pieces.

VT 11.5 Triebwagen High Speed Train - Germany

A non-powered locomotive set that you can buy a 4 set of matching passenger cars to go along with them.  Appears to be non-powered from the included loco interior detail, and not sure what it uses for couplers, if anything.  Don't know if it can be easily powered.  At $100 per piece, these guys are on the high end of the spectrum for not being Lego's.

Hogwarts Express Train


Looks like it might be a 10 wide model, 2129 pieces.  The listing does not state anything about it being powered.

NS ICM Koploper V2 Passenger Train Set - Netherlands

A nice Dutch Inter-City trainset, available as a set or by the piece.  The whole set is $797 with 9400 pieces.   Seems like there are two slightly different versions of this found on Ali Express, most noticeable in the dome car.  Dome car is $80/85 and has ~936 pieces.

Misc Passenger Cars

The four following models accompany the British Mallard Steam Engine above.

New York Central Streamlined Hudson Steam Locomotive - USA

Looks like it is an 8-wide model

Norfolk & Western Streamlined Steam Locomotive #611 - USA

Orient Express Trains and Locomotives

Blue steamer #52 is incorrectly billed as Pere Marquette #1225.  1715 pieces.

This is what PM #1225 looks like..... A 2-8-4 Berkshire, it is a sister to NKP #759

Polar Express Locomotive

SNCF "Talgo" Passenger Train - France

The Snowpiercer Engines

From TNT's version of Snowpiercer, the Eternal Engine and Big Alice, either together or separate. Too bad the engines aren't built to the same scale as standard Lego trains, of course, then they wouldn't fit onto regular Lego track :-)

Southern Pacific #4449 Steam Locomotive - USA


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