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Sherman Hill
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GPS:   Cheyenne:  N 41.13170, W 104.81529  (Cheyenne Depot Museum) MP 509.5
Laramie: N 41.30835, W 105.59639  (Laramie Depot) MP 666

Scanner: UP 160.470 [24], 160.740 [42]

Railroad:   Union Pacific Denver Division, Laramie Sub

Railfan Access: many spots along Rt WY-225 west of Cheyenne WY for about 15 miles.  A good photo op spot:
Borie, WY a county road overpass off WY-225; N 41.08677, W 104.96389  Rt 225 rejoins I-80 at exit #mile
marker #348 and west of the point most access is by rough gravel roads off I-80

Description: Sherman Hill is located in Southern Wyoming between Cheyenne and Laramie. It crests at the highest
point, 8015 feet above sea level, on the Union Pacific transcontinental Overland Route. It is the part of the original
transcontinental railroad, built in the 1860s.  Between Cheyenne and Laramie, the Union Pacific climbs over the
Continental Divide with its 3 track main line. The Harriman Cutoff, the third track was added 1952 1953 with a
lower gradient. The two earlier main tracks, still in use, have a 1.55 percent grade; the cutoff has less than 1 percent.
There are many excellent locations in which to watch and photograph trains.  West of Cheyenne, Route RT 225 often
follows the tracks for about 15 miles. After that access to most areas is by dirt roads. Rail traffic is usually heavy.
Eastbound and hotshot westbound traffic use the double track main. The balance of the westbound traffic uses track 3
which was installed to provide a more gradual grade over the divide. The best way to get around is to locate a highly
detailed DeLorme Atlas (or map software) showing the dirt roads, and a copy of UP's employee timetable.  Also of
interest in this area is the Ames Monument which can be accessed of off I-80 at exit 329. Take county road 234
(Monument Rd) to GPS location: N 41.13102,  W 105.39829.  The monument marks the point where the original
Transcontinental Railroad crossed the continental divide. The right of way can still be seen, as well as old ties and
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Molly, well known railfan German Shepard from Colorado at
Tie Siding, WY N 41.08582, W 105.489049 looking North
Photo courtesy of Molly's owner
The Ames Monument on Sherman Hill  Link to Wikipedia page   N 41.13111, W 105.39805
Photos courtesy of Molly's owner