The Gregarious Railfan
Alma, WI   54610   (population, 781)

GPS: N 44.3259, W 91.9185   Google map   

Scanner: BNSF 160.695 [39], Marine 156.650  

Railroad:  BNSF Chicago Division, St Croix Sub

Description: Alma, WI (population, 781) is located on the Mississippi River in Wisconsin.  The double track BNSF main
parallels the Mississippi.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 40

Other interesting or fun stuff: Watching river tow traffic at nearby Lock and Dam #4

Photo opportunities: There is a pedestrian overpass over the mainline for unique overhead photo opportunities.
Photos with the Mississippi River in the background.

Local breakfast: Pier 4 Café

Local Pub and grub: Pier 4 Café

Lodging:  Hillcrest Motel, 1 mile north on SR 35; or Winona, MN – 20 miles SE
Picture looking North from
the pedestrian overpass
            Railfan Video of Alma, WI