The Gregarious Railfan
Roanoke, VA 24016  (population 98,465 [2013])        

GPS: N 37.27256, W 79.94236   Google map   

Scanner:  NS: 161.190 [72], 161.250 [76], & 160.440 [22]  

Railroads:  Norfolk Southern Virginia Division, NW Sub;  NS, Eastern Division Roanoke Terminal Sub

Description: The Goode Railwalk extends from Market Street to Warehouse Row, N 37.27320, W 79.94139;  
allowing pedestrians to walk along a fence paralleling the train tracks and view historic memorabilia along the way.
There's a platform, signals, whistles, plaques and storyboards with information about the events that formed the rail
history of Roanoke. There's a radio scanner at one point that allows listeners to hear the rail chatter. The Railwalk
was named after David R. Goode, who was president, chairman and CEO of Norfolk Southern Corp. until 2006 when he
retired. The 1/3-mile sidewalk follows along the active Norfolk Southern (former Norfolk & Western) mainline.  Park
benches and a parking lot provide rest between trains.  The Railwalk connects to Hotel Roanoke and the Virginia
Museum of Transportation, an excellent railroad museum with lots of locomotives and train cars displayed, mostly
outdoors!  The museum is located next to the NS mainline and is at the east end of Roanoke Yard.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 40+

Nearby RR stuff:  The Virginia Museum of Transportation on Norfolk Ave N 37.27274, W 79.94586;  
The O. Winston Link Museum N 37.27390, W 79.9383 (RR Photography)

Other interesting or fun stuff: Downtown Roanoke 1 block south from the east end of the Railwalk.

Photo opportunities: Best photography from the 1st Street Pedestrian Bridge. N 37.27256, W 79.94236

Local Food: Historic Roanoke City Market, N 37.27247, W 79.93906 located a block south of the Railwalk offers
several restaurants

Local Pub and grub: Flanary’s Pub, 303 S. Jefferson, N 37.27099, W 79.94059

Lodging: Hotel Roanoke $$$, some rooms with view of the tracks. N 37.27390, W 79.93831
110 Shenandoah Ave NW

Visitor Info:   Roanoke Visitor Center   
Map courtesy of Todd Sestero
Todd Sestero's RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S. Roanoke Pages
Pictures are courtesy of Todd Sestero
The Rail Walk
The Rail Walk
The NS Main