The Gregarious Railfan
Clifton Forge, VA  24422  (population, 3775 (2014))                   

GPS:  N 37.81435, W 79.82813 (Amtrak station)

Railroads:  CSX Florence Div, Allegheny Sub

Description:  Clifton Forge is located in North Central Virginia along I-64 about 38 miles north of Roanoke.  An
Amtrak station there sees the Cardinal three times a week (
schedule) The Amtrak stion abutts the CSX yard with 2
turntables.  Headquarters for the C&O Historical Society are located on E Ridgeway St and farther east on Main St.
is the C&O Railway Heritage Center with lots of equipement and buildings on desplay.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:  13

RR stuff: Amtrak station is located in the historic CSX office building 307 E Ridgeway St, N 37.81438, W 79.82811;
C&O Historical Society Offices 312 E Ridgeway St N 37.81501, W 79.82763; The C&O Railway Heritage Center 705
Main St, N 37.81516, W 79.82220

Personal Observation:   The historic C&O stuff makes this a worthwhile destination.