The Gregarious Railfan
Lima, OH  45801  (population, 37,414 (2016))             

GPS:  N 40.74495, W 84.10112   NS Tower          map   

Scanner:   CSX road, 160.230, dispatcher, 160.290; NS, 161.250; CF&E, 161.175; I&O road, 161.220,
I&O yard, 160.430; RJ Corman, 160.455

Railroads:   CSX Louisville Division, Toledo Sub; NS Lake Division, Fort Wayne Sub;  Chicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern,
Indiana & Ohio; RJ Corman

Description:  Lima OH historically is a railroad town, formerly home to the historically significant Lima Locomotive
Works.  Although locomotives are no longer manufactured in Lima; CSX, Norfolk Southern and three short lines serve
Lima.  The hub of activity is readily accessible NS Tower (a diamond location, no tower exists there any longer.)  NS,
CSX, CF&E, and I&O all have yards in Lima and RJ Corman serves industry west of Lima and interchanges with NS
there. There are 2 other diamonds in addition to NS Tower.
GPS co-ordinates for locations mentioned:
NS Tower, CSX & NS cross CF&E, N 40.74495, W 84.10112
CF&E x I&O diamond, N 40.74570, W 84.08932 access via Sugar St
NS x I&O diamond, N 40.76039, W 84.08952 access via Sugar St
CXX Robb Ave Yard, N 40.76389, W 84.09884
NS yard, N 40.72157, W 84.10803
CF&E Cole St Yard, N 40.75371, W 84.13204
I&O Sugar Street Yard, N 40.77072, W 84.08329

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 43

Nearby RR stuff:  Fostoria, OH 46 miles NW;  Deshler, OH 34 miles N

Breakfast:   Waffle House, 1220 Neubrecht Rd,  N 40.75583, W 84.07988

Kewpee Burgers Fast Food:   Kewpee Burgers, 1350 Bellefontaine Ave,  N 40.73160, W 84.08145; & the original
Kewpee's, 111 N Elizabeth St, N 40.74036, W 84.10682

Other Fast Food:   McDonalds, 1920 Harding Hwy, N 40.73056, W 84.06976;
Skyline Chili, 1990 Harding Hwy, N 40.73060, W 84.06947

Ice Cream:   Dairy Queen, 1225 Allentown Rd,  N 40.74364, W 84.12887

Pub and Grub:   Applebee's, 1925 Roschman Ave, N 40.72720, W 84.07079

Lodging:   Comfort Inn, 1210 Neubrecht Rd,  N 40.75617, W 84.07886

TRAINS Article:   Hot Spots, June 2018

Visitor's Center:   Visit Greater Lima, 144 S Main St #101,  N 40.73880, W 84.10506