The Gregarious Railfan
Bellevue, OH   44811 (population, 8202)               

GPS: N 41.27021, W 82.83738 (the Platform)   Google map   

Scanner:  NS 160.440 [22], 161.190 [72], 161.250 [76]; WLE, 161.025 [61]

Railroads: Norfolk Southern Lake Div, NW Sub Toledo Dist. MP 53;

Description: Bellevue is a City in North Central Ohio and the location of the Mad River & NKP Museum at the NS
Tracks, (N 41.27062, W 82.84066)  At the end of 2014, a Railfan viewing platform was constructed on Monroe St
(N 41.27021, W 82.83738); other good railfan spots are spread around town. Just follow the tracks.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 30+

Nearby RR stuff:  Across the street from the platform, is the NS control tower The NS yards NE of Town (N
41.29049, W 82.78307) has undergone a significant expansion. As with most rail yards, there is no access for
photography except at highway overpasses.

Local Fast Food: Wendy’s N 41.27570, W82.84793, and Burger King N 41.27746, W 82.85483  W Main, (US-20)

Ice Cream: Cold Rush Dairy Bar, N 41.28314, W 82.87466 2 mi west of town on US-20

Lodging:  Bellevue Hotel & Suites, 1120 E Main St, Bellevue, N 41.27164, W 82.82481, Dated but clean according to
reviews. More choices 15 miles north near Sandusky.

Personal observations: The MR&NKP has an impressive collection of prototype equipment.

TRAINS Article:  March 2014

Tourist info:  Bellevue Tourism. Com   
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Map courtesy of Todd Sestero
Todd Sestero's RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S.  Bellevue Page    
Histories, maps and
overviews of the yard
Bellevue Kemper Rail Park  on Monroe St.
Bellevue Tower across the street from the platform