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Kirkwood, MO 63122, (population, 27,596 in 2013)         

GPS: N 38.58106, W 90.40676 (Amtrak Station)   Google map   

Scanner: UP 160.410 [20], 160.470 [161.220 road [74], 161.550 [96]; BNSF, 161.160 [70]

Railroads: Union Pacific, St. Louis Division, Jefferson City Sub  MP 13.5;
BNSF, Springfield Division, Cuba Sub, MP 12.7

Description:  Kirkwood is an inner ring suburb of St. Louis located in St. Louis County, Missouri. The Amtrak Station
in Kirkwood is situated at the summit of Kirkwood Hill.  Amtrak Missouri River Runner Service make 4 stops per day
(2 in each direction.) The tracks are owned by Union Pacific.  Because of this, freight trains have some priority over
passenger trains. This can result in delays for Amtrak.  West of Jefferson City, UP Freights run directional with the
southern tracks westbound, However, the tracks are signaled bi-directional and Amtrak runs bi-directional on the
southern tracks. The eastbound track follows the Missouri River more generally (about 25 miles to the north) and
those tracks closest to the river are frequently flooded at times, and traffic gets diverted to the south.
Kirkwood Amtrak is housed in the beautifully restored Missouri Pacific Station in the heart of Kirkwood. It is staffed
by Amtrak volunteers, and the one I encountered was railfan friendly. The station has clean restrooms and is open
from 1 hour prior to each Amtrak scheduled arrival 'til all arriving passengers have left the waiting room. There is an
ATCS monitor in the lobby available to all but the volunteer told me that the information it imparts is not very
accurate or reliable.
Historic Downtown Kirkwood has an eclectic variety of unique shops for a non railfan minded spouse to spend some
time while you railfan comfortably from the Station waiting room or from the Veterans Memorial Park across the
tracks from the Station.
Additionally in Kirkwood, there is a BNSF main that runs generally parallel and south of the UP main with a former
Frisco Station located at N 38.58039, W 90.36251 In Webster Groves that houses the Big Bend Railroad Club.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 40 (FRA) including 4 Amtrak on the UP; and 22 (FRA) on the BNSF

Nearby RR stuff:  Clay Avenue Overpass (500 ft west of the station) w/ a protected sidewalk; Good view of the
Main on Scott Ave east of the Amtrak Station N 38.57861, W 90.40068    
St. Louis Museum of Transportation, about 5 miles west of Kirkwood, 3015 Barrett Station Rd, St. Louis  N
38.57421, W 90.46322

Local Breakfast: Spencerís Grill, 223 S Kirkwood Rd, N 38.57899, W 90.40643
The Egg & I, 11692 Manchester Rd, Des Peres, MO, (2 Miles away), N 38.59978, W 90.42645

Fast Food: McDonalds & others, 350 S Kirkwood Rd, N 38.57697, W 90.40639

Ice Cream: The Ice Cream Station, 140 W Argonne Dr, (next to the Amtrak Station);
Oberweis Dairies, 10338 Manchester Rd,   N 38.60064, W 90.39777

Pub and Grub: Vanís Tavern, 1200 S Kirkwood Rd, N 38.56256, W 90.40676 In the Best Western; 5 Star Burgers,
312 S Kirkwood Rd, N 38.57827, W 90.40644 (cocktails, craft beers & fresh burgers)

Lodging: Best Western Kirkwood Inn, 1200 S Kirkwood Rd, N 38.56256, W 90.40676  

Visitor Info:   Kirkwood MO   
Kirkwood 360    
Kirkwood Station
Tracks looking east
Tracks looking east