The Gregarious Railfan
Kalamazoo MI 49007 (population, 75,548)                               

GPS: N 42.29540, W 85.58412  (Amtrak station)     Google map   

Scanner:  NS, 160.800 [46]; Grand Elk, 160.115 [15], 161.535 [95]

Description:   Kalamazoo is located in southwest Michigan and is served by Norfolk Southern, Amtrak, and The Grand
Elk Railroad.  B O Tower stands at the diamond that is the junction between the Grand Rapids to Elkhart, Grand Elk
Railroad and the Detroit to Chicago Norfolk Southern main.  Grand Elk handles the switching for Kalamazoo industries.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:  NS 10,  Grand Elk 6 (switching)

Nearby RR stuff: B O Tower, 2 blocks east, N 42.29582, W 85.57806, MP 143; and the ex Grand Rapids and
Indiana Station and Freight house, now HQ for the Kalamazoo Community Foundation, N 42.29294, W 85.57863;
Grand Elk RR Botsford Yard, N 42.29399, W 85.56622;  There is an Interurban car, waiting to be restored, on
Water Street, N 42.29434, W 85.57898

Other interesting or fun stuff: The Gilmore Car Museum, at Hickory Corners, 16 miles to the northwest, is well
worth the drive and price of admission ($$)  One of the best automotive museums in the world.

N 42.44213, W 85.42293

Fast Food: McDonald's across the street west of the Amtrak station.

Ice Cream: Plainwell Ice Cream Co., 128 Portage Street, N 42.29139, W 85.58157

Breakfast:  Main Street Café, 232 E Michigan Ave, N 42.29191, W 85.58112    

Pub & Grub:  Green Top Tavern, 250 E Michigan Ave, N 42.29215, W 85.58083   

Lodging:  Super 8, 618 Maple Hill Dr, near US-131,  N 42.29437, W 85.65931  

Visitor Info:  Discover Kalamazoo   
Kalamazoo Amtrak Station
BO Tower
BO Tower looking east