The Gregarious Railfan
Grand Haven, MI 49417   (population 10,982 (2015))          

GPS: N 43.06780, W 86.23080   (1223 at Chinook Pier)  Google map    

Scanner:  MSR 161.235 [75]  

Description: Grand Haven is not a Railfan Paradise, except for me. It is my hometown and I think it is one of the
most beautiful places on earth. The only train that comes though Grand Haven is the Michigan Shore Railroad local
that highballs through town twice a day. However, Grand Haven has a rich railroad history with the Pere Marquette
Railway, and the Grand Trunk Western and it's predecessors.  In Fact I was born in Grand Haven because my father
was the Station Agent for the Pere Marquette Railway in GH. There are a number of rail related artifacts and
locations preserved here and much for a railfan to enjoy, so this page is way for me to crow about my hometown.  In
2014, my fellow webmaster, Todd Sestero visited, took many pictures and
created a page on HIS website, RAILFAN
of the U.S.  His page has more railroad detail than this page and I encourage you to view it. As his pictures
are better than mine, I have used many of them on this page.  Maybe these pictures and sites, both rail and non-rail
related will encourage a few to visit Grand Haven, so consider this page My invitation to come.

Local Breakfast: Morningstar Café, 711 Washington Ave N 43.06139, W 86.22246
Rainy Day Cafe, 121 N Beechtree St, N 43.06269, W 86.20591

Fast Food: Ray's Drive In, 20 N Beacon Blvd, N 43.06174, W 86.22021  a Local favorite for over 60 years.
Great Lakes Greek Chili Dogs, 1001 S Beacon Blvd, N 43.05153, W 86.22132;
McDonalds, 1617 S Beacon Blvd, N 43.04660, W 86.22047

Ice Cream: Skoops Ice Cream, 16830 Robbins Rd, N 43.04477, W 86.20620 (seasonal)
Cold Stone Creamery, 1506 S Beacon Blvd, N 43.04691, W 86.22013

Pub and Grub: JW's Food & Spirits, 6 N 7th St, N 43.06159, W 86.22293. There is a Pub side and a Restaurant
side, and there is not a bad thing on the whole menu.

Pizza:  Fricano's Pizza Tavern, 1600 Fulton, N 43.06295, W 86.20825;  IMHO, simply the best thin crust pizza
in the world
, cash only, one size, choice of 5 ingredients, no other items on the menu in an old fashioned tavern.
Clover Bar, thicker, cheesier, and with a bare hint of anise spiciness. Guaranteed at least the second best pizza in
the world.  The town is passionate about their pizza and these two establishments vie for supremacy.

Fancy Restaurant:  Noto's atThe Bil Mar $$$$, 1223 S Harbor Dr, N 43.04984, W 86.24379  Directly on Lake
Michigan with a view of Gorgeous Sunsets.  

Lodging: Best Western Beacon Inn, 1525 S Beacon Blvd, N 43.04721, W 86.22060

Bookstores: The Bookman, 715 Washington Ave, N 43.06139, W 86.22211;  &  Booked for the Season, 8 N 7th St,
N 43.06185, W 86.22280
Grand Haven Map courtesy of Todd Sestero
Todd Sestero's RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S.  Grand Haven Page
Pictures  See more at
Michigan Shore Railroad Crossing Washington Street in
Grand Haven  Picture by Mike Kamys from Todd
Sestero's GH page
PM Steam crossing the same location, Circa 1950.
Picture courtesy Roger Brown, Harbourfront Hobbies
RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S.   Link