The Gregarious Railfan
Detroit, MI  48209 (population, 910,921)             

GPS: N 42.29310, W 83.12990   Google map   

Scanner:  CSX 160.230 [8], 160.635 [35], 160.290 [12] (Rougemere Yard), 160.875 [51] (RR police).  Not sure
how accurate these frequencies are but have experienced transmissions on most of these.

Railroads:  CSX Chicago Division, Detroit Sub; Conrail Shared Assets, Detroit Division

Description: Delray Tower is a fun place to go, and the tower is still manned and active. However that may change.  
Rumor has it that this tower may soon be closed and demolished. Photos of the tower are one reason to go there as
the scenery is rather nondescript urban. The area around Delray Tower includes CSX's Rougemere Yard, CN's Schaefer
Yard, NS's Oakwood Yard, and NS's (CR) River Rouge Yard; because of this, itís still one of the best places in
Michigan to catch a lot of action.  Rumors abound that Delray Tower will close in 2015, if true, IMO Delray would
become a little less safe without a set of human eyes in the tower.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 80+ (?) but erratic.

Personal observations: Caution: This is a rough neighborhood, be advised not to railfan alone, and definitely donít
railfan there after dark.
maps of Delray courtesy of Todd Sestero
Todd Sestero's RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S.  Delray Page
Delray Tower