The Gregarious Railfan
Union Mills, IN  46382 (population, 2108)             

GPS: N 41.49731, W 86.76524   Google Map   

Scanner: CSX 160.230 [8], 160.980 [58], CN 160.530 [28], 160.590 [32]

Railroads:  CSX Chicago Division, Garrett Sub; CN (ex GTW) Midwest Division, South Bend Sub: Chesapeake and
Indiana RR Western Division, Wabash Sub  

Description: This is a common railfan location, also known as  Wellsboro. This is the crossing of the CSX Willard -
Chicago main and the CN Detroit - Chicago main. These are both major lines, and give you two great features: Lots of
trains (50-60 on CSX; 25-30 on CN), and lots of variety (besides CSX and CN, expect almost any foreign power
through here.). The Junction is CSX property, but you will generally not be bothered if you stay by the road.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 60  

Gregariousness quotient: non existent

Pub and Grub:  Union Bar & Grill, 505 Water St, Union Mills,  N 41.49316, W 86.77715

More Food and Lodging: 11 miles North on US-35 in La Porte, IN  
.              Railfanning Wellsboro, IN Trains Pt. 1      
Railfanning Wellsboro, IN Trains Pt. 2