The Gregarious Railfan
Michigan City, IN 46360 (population, 31,494)         

GPS: 41.711655, -86.898039  Google map    

Scanner: CSSSB 161.355 [83]     

Description: The South Shore Commuter line (AKA as the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend RR) runs Electric
Intercity Commuter Service through Michigan City from South Bend IN to Chicago IL (Millennium Station).  On
sections of 10th Street and 11th Street the trains run down the middle of the street, to the delight of railfans., who
make the pilgrimage to Michigan City to see one of the few remaining places in the country to see "Street Running."  
(and who knows for how much longer)  

# of trains per 24 hours: 26 trains between 10:00 AM and Midnight

Nearby RR stuff; Michigan City Amtrak N 41.72082, W 86.90529; Griffith IN;  Porter Junction   

Local Breakfast:  Sophia's House of Pancakes, 5250 Franklin St, N 41.67114, W 86.89390

Fast Food:  Schoop's, 4105 Franklin St, 41.678653, -86.894086

Ice Cream: Baskin-Robbins, 5234 Franklin St, N 41.67230, W 86.89387

Pub and Grub:  Shoreline Brewery, 208 Wabash St, N 41.71932, W 86.90625 (Cocktails too)

Lodging: Super 8 Michigan City, 5724 S. Franklin N 41.66677, W 86.89408  

Visitors Info:  Visit Michigan City Laporte, 4073 South Franklin Street, Michigan City, IN 46360-7328
Map courtesy of Todd Sestero
Pacing the South Shore Line's Street Running by 'Trains of Chicagoland and Beyond...'
CSSSB Schedules (11th Street is the applicable location) must Click Train Schd>EB/WB>WD/WE  
Michigan City page by RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S.
South Shore Line Streetrunning - Michigan City, IN  The end of this video shows South Shore Freight Line street running
Street running on 11th St.
The South Shore Line also runs GP38s with freight on the streets of Michigan City