The Gregarious Railfan
Western Springs, IL 60558 (population, 12,989)              

GPS: N 41.80905, W 87.90045   Google map   

Scanner: BNSF 161.100 [66], 161.160 [70]

Railroad: BNSF Chicago Div, Chicago Sub, MP 15; Metra BNSF line  

Description: Western Springs, IL is located on the Metra BNSF line, the busy BNSF triple track “Racetrack”.  It is a
great location if you want to be close to the action and still view trains from your car.  It is about a half hour
Metra ride to Union Station with stops at a few other good railfan locations. As with all of the locations on ‘the
Racetrack”, there is a heavy mix of BNSF through freights and Metra Commuter trains.  The Station is open most of
the day and provides restrooms and shelter during inclement weather.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 135+ includes 74 Metra, and 6 Amtrak (including The Southwest Chief) and
approximately 55 full length BNSF freight trains.

Nearby RR stuff: Other nearby Metra stops  on the "Racetrack"   

Other interesting or fun stuff:  The World Famous Brookfield Zoo is located in nearby Brookfield,  Within walking
distance of the Hollywood Metra stop.

Local breakfast:  Kirschbaum’s Bakery, ½ block east of the Metra station, on Burlington Ave. has some of the world’
s finest pastries and goodies. They sell out early and close early in the day. (closed Sunday & Monday)

Ice Cream: Oberweis Dairy at 929 Burlington, just west of the station is an old Fashioned Dairy bar.

Local Pub and grub: Many fine places in nearby LaGrange.

Personal observations: One of my favorite places to railfan.