The Gregarious Railfan
Tuscola, IL  61953,  Population, 4,463 (2013)             

GPS: N 39.79899, W 88.28932  Google map    

Scanners: CN (ex IC) 161.190 [72], UP (ex MoPac) 160.410 [20], CSX 160.230 [8]     

Railroads:  Canadian National (IC) Central Division, Champaign Sub; Union Pacific St Louis Division, Pana Sub: CSX
Nashville Division, Decatur Sub  

Description: Tuscola, Illinois is located in East-central Illinois, 26 miles south of Champaign. Three railroads cross in
town just west of the central business district. The CN (ex IC), The UP (ex MoPac), and the CSX (ex B&O). Some
railfans I know describe Tuscola as NOT very photogenic but with enough trains to please many.  On 5/10/2014 Tuscola
had a small celebration and displays for Amtrak's Nation Train Day, no report on 2015, but hopefully that will
continue in the future.

Approximate # of trains per 24 hours:  46; CN 20 trains per 24 hours including 6 Amtrak, UP 24 trains per 24
hours, CSX (2?) trains per 24 hours.

Fast Food: McDonald's, 1005 E Southline Rd, N 39.79152, W 88.27261

Ice Cream:  Dairy Queen,  1100 E Southline Rd,  N 39.79168, W 88.26968

Pub and Grub:  Proud Mary’s, 1003 E Southline Rd, N 39.79153, W 88.27285;
IT'LL DO Bar & Grill, 600 S. Washington Street, Tuscola, IL  61953 (Biker Bar)

Lodging:  Super 8  $$$ ($100.00), 1007 Southline Rd.; Baymont Inn, $$$ across the road.
Best Western in Monticello on I-72 40 mile drive to NW $30 cheaper than Super 8 in Tuscola.

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Tuscola Map courtesy of Todd Sestero
Annotated Google Map