Edelstein, IL 61526 (population, 1,073)               

GPS: N 40.9405, W 89.6292   Google map   

Scanner: BNSF 161.100 [66], 161.385 [85]

Railroads: BNSF Chicago Division, Chilicothe Sub; UP Illinois Division, Peoria Sub   

Description:   Edelstein is a small town in central Illinois, about 17 miles due north of Peoria. This is fun railfanning in
a rural setting. Most railfans know the name Edelstein Hill, the 6-mile grade that brings BNSF trains west out of the
Illinois River valley. The village is just west of the top of the grade, and crossovers on the double-track main hark to
helper days, when pushers would cut off here because Edelstein Hill is one of the steepest climbs on the BNSF railway
system and attracts many railfans to see locomotives pulling intermodal trains up the hill.  The road east and west of
Edelstein IL has great views of the BNSF Transcon, making the Edelstein Hill grade. The Santa Fe road overpass is east
of town. (N 40.94465 W 89.59736)   A mile west of town, the BNSF crosses over the Union Pacific. (N
40.93008, W 89.65490) with views from the W. McDonald Rd (Route 90) grade crossing.  Maybe the best location
to watch trains making the grade is east of Edelstein on E. Santa Fe Rd. (N 40.92563, W 89.54815)

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 74 (FRA)

Other RR stuff: the East BNSF Signal Bridge can be viewed from Main St. and the West BNSF Signal Bridge can be
viewed from W. Myrtle St.

Restaurant and lodging choices are available in Peoria, 17 miles to the south.

Personal Observation: While there are plenty of trains and great photo ops, there is virtually no parking close to the
Santa Fe Rd overpass.  There is parking near the Route 90 grade crossing, but it is on railroad property. Watching
trains from streets in town give less enjoyable views and there are zero amenities like gas stations, convenience stores
or available rest rooms; all of which makes railfanning Edelstein problematic.  Still a hard core Railfan will enjoy it.
The Gregarious Railfan