The Gregarious Railfan
Roosevelt Rd. Chicago, IL   60606 (population, 2,700,000)

GPS: N 41.86733, W 87.63806   Google map   

Scanner: Amtrak road 160.305 [13] , yard 160.740 [42] , 161.265 [77], 161.025 [61], 161,340 [82], 160.440 [22]

Railroads: BNSF Chicago Division, Chicago Sub; Chicago Union Station [Amtrak, Metra]

Description:  Constant action at the very heart of Chicago’s commuter rail system. It's busiest during the morning
and evening weekday rush periods.  Roosevelt Rd overpasses the Amtrak yards, Metra yards, and the entrance to Union

Parking:  GPS location above is right near the parking lot of Westgate Market, Then walk just east to the Roosevelt
Road overpass.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: Purportedly 1000 (?), all Amtrak, Metra, and South Shore. *source: TRAINS

Nearby RR stuff: Union Station, Ogilvie Transportation Center    

Other interesting or fun stuff: All that downtown Chicago has to offer        

Photo opportunities: Overhead shots of Amtrak and Metra yards and commuter movements

Local Food: Numerous in downtown Chicago.

Lodging: If you can afford it, some of the grandest and best hotels in the world are located in downtown Chicago;
better hotel prices can be found in the suburbs.
.                Railfanning Roosevelt Road Chicago    
Railfanning Roosevelt Rd & 18th street, Chicago IL