The Gregarious Railfan
Blue Island, IL  60406 (population, 23,706)                

GPS: N 41.65021, W 87.68646   Google map   

Scanner: CN 160.530 [28], 160.590 [32]; CSX 160.230 [8], 160.320 [14], 160.290 [12]; IHB 160.980 [58],
161.070 [64], 161.565 [97] IAIS 160.305 [13]; Metra 161.340 [82]    (These frequencies are from Bill Gustason's
excellent page; there are many other lists for Blue Island with much different frequencies, and I have never had great
luck with any of them in the few times I've been to Blue Island.)

Railroads:  Canadian National [?]; CSX Chicago Division, Elsdon Sub; Indiana Harbor Belt Chicago Division; Iowa
Interstate Railroad  

Description:  Blue Island is a near southern suburb of Chicago, just northwest of Dolton. This Blue Island Location is
just south of the four iconic bridges spanning the Cal Sag Channel at Broadway St where 8 tracks cross Broadway in
Blue Island, IL  Those bridges provide a memorable photo op, one you've seen in countless train magazines.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:  25+

Nearby RR stuff: Blue Island RR Yard (IHB), Barr RR Yard (CSX) and Dolton Junction (4 mi east), all are just
east of this Blue Island Location.

Photo opportunities: The bridges, tower(s) and trains at the multi track, grade level crossing. There is an elevated
Metra track approximately 1/8 mile south of Broadway St. that travels E/W across these tracks that presents photo
ops if you have a telephoto lens.

Gregariousness quotient: Low to medium when other railfans are there. However this place is known around the
world. Probably because of the Iconic Multiple RR Bridges. In only about 4 trips to this location, I have met railfans
from Maryland, California, England, Canada, Germany, and Japan.

Local breakfast: The Silver Flash Restaurant south on Kedzie about 2 miles (N 41.62800, W 87.69833)

Best choice for lodging: Elsewhere

Personal observations:  Although it has improved in recent years, this neighborhood could be considered “rough” Use
caution when getting out of the car and don’t railfan alone here.
Todd Sestero's map of Blue Island  
Looking North from Broadway
Looking South from Broadway