The Gregarious Railfan
Compton, CA  90222                                                       

GPS: N 33.88874, W 118.21895 (arbitrary choice of location)           Google map  

Scanner: UP 160.365 [17]      

Railroad: Union Pacific Los Angeles Division, PATATA Ind Lead Sub

Description: This is more a wish to explore possibilities for railfanning the “AC” than reporting factual railfan
information.  The Alameda Trench was a massive construction to isolate the heavy rail container traffic emanating from
the port of Long Beach through the heavy vehicle traffic of Los Angeles eliminating numerous grade crossings in the
process.  A great portion of Alameda Street parallels the major rail corridor from the port north through the City of
Los Angeles with the trench portion extending approximately 10 miles from Compton, CA through Downtown Los
Angeles.. Sidewalks on crossovers and narrow parkways seem to provide numerous opportunities to watch the rail
traffic.  I have no knowledge of any potential safety concerns. 

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 47+ (in early 2015) traffic has been increasing ever since opening in 2004 is
sure to increase in the future.

Photo opportunity:  The unique Alemeda "Trench"
Alameda Corridor
Google image
Google map
Pre UP/SP Merger Map
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