The Gregarious Railfan
Winslow, AZ   86047 (population, 9,714)                         

GPS: N 35.02245, W 110.69838 (Rail Park)         Google map   

Scanner: BNSF 160.935 [55], 160.650 [36]  

Railroad: BNSF Southwest Division, Gallup Sub, MP 286  

Description: Winslow, in east central Arizona and on the BNSF Southern Transcon sees a high volume of freight traffic
plus Amtrak’s daily Southwest Chief. In 2014 there was a small railfan park (N 35.02245, W 110.69838) built on 1st
Street, west of the Amtrak Station. The Amtrak station is connected to the La Posada Hotel and from what I’ve
been told, only ticketed passengers are allowed on the Amtrak platform.  Winslow is a town trying to reinvigorate
itself, and friends have told me it's a town that lacks polish, could use some 'spiffing up'.

Note: It is "ILLEGAL" to be on the platforms at La Posada Amtrak unless you are a passenger
From ‘Railfans Welcome website'

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 90 + trains a day

Local Fast Food: McDonalds, Taco Bell and Subway north along I-40 exit #253

Lodging: La Posada Hotel $$$ Restored in 1997. N 35.02245, W 110.69593; Railfan Winslow   
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The Railfan Gazebo at Winslow, along the BNSF Transcon