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In General

Atlanta has a lot of action happening over a widespread area.  Be prepared to do some travelling!

The highest volume tracks are NS's and CSX's lines running from main yards Chattanooga way.

In the area ya'll also have the Georgia Northeastern RR running out of Marietta northward in the Tennessee, and over on the NE side, you have the Southeast RR Museum.

There are a number of vintage depots in the area, Marietta and Norcross to name a few......

Atlanta is served by the Crescent, and the Amtrak Station is downtown on 1688 Peachtree St, near the junction of I85 and I75.

An excellent map resource for the Atlanta area is offered by theGeorgia DOT at:

MAP 1 - General Overview
MAP 2   - Downtown Atlanta
MAP 3   - NS's Inman yard and CSX's Tilford & Howell Yards - NW of downtown Atlanta
MAP 4   - south of Atlanta
MAP 5   - east of Atlanta
MAP 6   - west of Atlanta
MAP 7   - the Duluth and Norcross area, with the Southeast Railroad Museum
MAP 8   - the Marietta and Elizabeth area - NW outside the Perimeter
MAP 9   - Guide to the Georgia Northeastern RR

MAP 10 -  the Kennesaw area & the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotice History

the MARTA Metro System has it's own page outside this guide

For additional info, try Nikos Kavoori's Atlanta railfan guide at: ... lotsa good stuff there!

Atlanta Rail Map

Amtrak Service

There is not a whole lot of parking available at the station, and it may be very limited in terms of you being able to park for railfanning purposes... I can't say, I've never been to the station..

To get here from I75, take the Northside Dr NW exit (exit 252) and go north to Collier Rd NW, where you want to take a right.  This will take you over to Peachtree RD NE, where you take another right.

From I85, things are a little more complicated.  If you're travelling I85 southbound, after going under Peachtree, the road makes a substantial left curve... stay to the right for the exit ramps off the curve, and once on the exit ramp, stay to the left so you can exit at 17th St NW... take a left onto 17th St to get over to Peachtree, which is the 2nd major intersection, and take a left there.  A few blocks up, the road will split, and Peachtree goes off to the left.

From I85 northbound, take the exit for 10th St NW (it might be exit 250, not sure), and take a right onto it.  Again, two blocks over is Peachtree, and you want to make a left onto it.

   Station Information

   Stations in Georgia served by Amtrak

   Off the cover of the Crescent schedule

 Route map for the Crescent

  Timetable as of 11/2011

Georgia DOT Maps

The following map is Georgia DOT's rail map of the Atlanta area

The following map is Georgia DOT's rail tonnage map of the Atlanta area

The following map is Georgia DOT's train traffic map of the Atlanta area

And finally, the following map is Georgia DOT's rail map of the Northern part of Georgia

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