This page will cover the stations of the Baltimore Light Rail System starting just south of the Lutherville station at Seminary Avenue where the former Pennsy Lutherville depot is located, and heading south to North Avenue.  I will also cover the grade crossings and anything else of importance.

This section of the light rail system is a big change from the grade-crossing rich area going through Timonium and Cockeysville/Hunt Valley.  Between Lutherville and North Avenue, there are only two grade-crossings, at Seminary Ave in Lutherville, and Union Ave in Woodberry.  I guess this is related to the fact that the R-O-W follows the Jones Falls from Lake Roland on down, and there is no place to put a road on that side of the tracks.  In fact, we don't hit a grade-crossing again until we cross Mt Royal Ave.

The Former PRR Lutherville Station

GPS Coordinates: 39.424087, -76.629415
As of June 2020, the station was for sale.....

Seminary Avenue

"We" are very lucky, in that very few have died as a result of trying to beat the train at a grade crossing on the Baltimore System, but here, around 2000 or so, someone in a Jeep tried to go around the gates and got hit. RIP.

Nice sight lines in both directions, and to the south, we can see the trains coming at us going under the Beltway (if you have a good telephoto lens).

under the Beltway and the Crossovers

In the shot below, you can see how the MTA put in an additional sound barrier by moving the tracks over by about 15 feet.  I'm not sure how much doing so really reduces the sound level to go to all that trouble of putting a "crick" in the tracks.... and then if you look further down the tracks in that straight stretch where my house is, and they had room to move the tracks to the other side to get them further way from our houses, they didn't, so again, what was the point?

April 18th, 2005, as work on the double tracking continues.....

The Former PRR Riderwood Station

GPS Coordinates:

at CM N525

The tracks here cross a stream that is one of two main feeds for Lake Roland, the bridge it goes over dates to the 1800's.  It is a steel girder bridge, and has always had two spans on it, even tho for the first half of the systems life, until 2005 when they double tracked the north end, light rail was only a single track until it hit an interlocking at the Beltway and became two tracks.  Just south of here, back in the Pennsy days up until the late 50's or early 60's, the Pennsy had three tracks going thru Ruxton.

the Joppa Road "Tunnels"

GPS Coordinates: 39., -76.

along Bellona Avenue

A "Ruxton" station would have been put in somewhere along here, and during the planning process, the area residents complained loudly enough that the MTA listened.... so now you can enjoy a 4 mile ride thru some of the nicer sections of the line!  Crime was the main reason cited for not wanting a station here, and seeing what happened in Lutherville when the line opened there, no-one can blame them.

at Lake Roland and the Robert E. Lee Park


During late April and May 2015, I noticed that all the trains passing behind my house were on the SB track, so on Cinqo de Mayo day, I went for a ride down to the Falls Road station, and found that the MTA had closed off the NB (northbound) side because of the rock outcropping.  Dunno why (as of this day) they still had the NB side closed, but it obviously concerns "them".

Falls Road Station

GPS Coordinates: 39.376602, -76.649733
Access to the expansive Lake Roland area in what used to be the Robert E. Lee park is easy from the parking lot.
Area residents, weary of the foot traffic and crime, had the light rail folks put in a barrier so you can't get to the business' just seen at the top of the aerial shot without walking down to the Falls Road bridge over the tracks and walking about 5 times the distance :-(


  Notice it's on the "wrong" side.


Detail pictures from May 2015:



under Falls Road

Mt Washington Station

GPS Coordinates: 39.368424, -76.652156

Cold Spring Lane Station

GPS Coordinates: 39.344130, -76.647927

This is the only station you have to walk to (or take a bus), to get to, as there is no place to park anywhere close.   And, because the station is about 50 feet below Cold Spring Lane, there is a ridiculous ramp to get down to the station level.   I would generally skip this station for a picture, unless for some reason, you need a picture at the location of one of the last business' to use rail service on the line, a vinegar manufacturer (Fleischmann's Vinegar Co) on the west side of the line.  As far as I know, the siding is still there.

Woodberry Station

GPS Coordinates: 39.331214, -76.643414

The North Avenue Shops/Maintenance Facility

GPS Coordinates: 39.315176, -76.626474

The Relief Point

If the train ever stops, seemingly in the middle of no-where, and you are in the lead car, you will notice that this is the relief point, where the operators change out. They usually do runs for two hours, then get about 30 minutes of down time before being assigned to another train.

North Avenue Station

GPS Coordinates: 39.311787, -76.622546

Under North Avenue


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Aerial shots were taken from either Google or Bing Maps as noted.  Screen captures are made with Snagit, a Techsmith product... a great tool if you have never used it! 

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